Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pink and other Wednesday thoughts

  • I'm watching the Red Sox tonight from the comfort and warmth of my couch.  Today was "Red Sox Day" at work which meant being able to wear jeans and a t-shirt.  Red Sox, of course.  I think I need a job where I can wear jeans whenever I want to.  
  • For the first time in long time, all three kids slept alone in their beds for the entire night.  It was actually a bit weird and Rich and I both had the same thought at 3:00 in the morning:  Is Emily okay?  Should I check on her?
  • I stumbled upon an article the other day complaining about the very Halloween costume Allie has been wearing this year.  Why the complaints?  Well, because it's pink and the real Spider Woman/Girl/Person doesn't wear pink.  Seriously?  The only reason why Allie chose this particular costume was because it is pink.  I must have asked her no less than five times before we left the store if she really wanted that costume because my kids had shown absolutely zero interest in superheroes up to that point and I feared that she would change her mind.  She still loves her costume and has made it her own.  It's okay to like the color pink.  Just because a girl prefers pink and princesses doesn't mean she's going to end up a damsel in distress.  Let's not overanalyze or stereotype kids.  (And yes, I agree that it would be frustrating if your daughter wants to wear the costume in the original colors and you can't find one in the stores.) 
  • I'm looking forward to my 4 day weekend and gaining an hour, hopefully of sleep.  
  • The girls recently had school picture day at school.  We always order a small package because they like giving them to family and it's also a fun keepsake from school.  I tried to work with them on their outfits but I was gone when they dressed for school so some of that was out of my hands.  And the fact that Allie pulled a random big bow barrette from her desk at school and asked her teacher to place it on the side of her head above one of her braids.  There's only so much I can do.  
  • I packed up a huge bag of the girls' clothes to give to my sister-in-law last weekend and bought them some new items from OshKosh.  They still need more long-sleeve shirts and at this point, there's no need for an in-between jacket as they'll be in their winter coats soon.  Like next week.  I'll pick up lighter jackets when I come across some.   
  • I have some cute turkey fabric that I'm going to make the girls' Thanksgiving Day skirts out of.  I also need to finish the matching prairie skirt for Em's doll.  So many projects, so little time.


Ashlee said...

At least twice a week I wish I had a job where I could wear jeans everyday (the other days I wish I had a job I could work from home!)

I can't stop laughing at Allie putting the bow on before pictures! Glad you have it written down so you can remember why when she's in high school and wondering why you let her out of the house with it on picture day!

And I agree just let the girls wear pink! Sometimes as a society we make a big deal out of nothing...

Christi said...

Looking forward to seeing the Thanksgiving skirts.
Really, people are mad because of a pink costume? It seems like it made at least one little girl very happy! Don't these people have more important things to worry about?

I work for a software company so I can wear jeans every day. I try to keep it more casual chic and not "Saturday sloppy" but it's so much easier to get dressed now. My last company was more business dress so I have lots of slacks and jackets that just hanging in my closet.

And Yay! Red Sox. I'm renting a zoom lens for the parade. Kind of excited to try it out.