Friday, October 25, 2013

One thing leads to another

In a way, we sort of stumbled upon the park where the girls' fall photo session took place.  A week earlier, we had attended a memorial/candle lighting/flower release in the stream/ceremony for lost babies there.  It was such a serene, scenic, little place that I suggested returning the next week for fall photos.  I originally hadn't planned on taking any this year as the park we usually go to wasn't really doing much for me photography-wise.


The girls really enjoyed exploring the new park and asked if we could return.  Of course, we can.  We saw four other photographers while we were there, which wasn't a surprise at all.



I feel like this month has slipped away from me.  I can't believe Halloween is next week and that we've had to turn the heat on already.  Winter is just around the corner and my bones ache with the thought.



So I wanted to talk photography for a minute (or two.)  You want to avoid outdoor photo sessions in the middle of the day if at all possible because of the harshness of the sun.  As a photographer (even a hobbyist), I think it's important to learn to photograph in any and all lighting conditions because you can't always plan around the sun.  The beach is a good example of this.  The ideal lighting is an overcast sky, which is what we had for our fall photos.  If the sun is out, even when it is setting, place it behind your subjects.

White clothing is extremely difficult to photograph even when the sky is overcast because it absorbs light.  I don't have much say when it comes to what (some of) my kids wear these days, just that they dress appropriately for the weather, or I would have picked a different shirt for Anna.  This past week of cooler temperatures has been a wake-up call that I need to buy more clothes for them.          



The Swanbergs said...

These look beautiful! Can you share where this park is (I live on the south shore, and I'm always looking for new outdoor spots!)?

Sarah said...

Sure - it's Memorial Park in Bridgewater.

The Swanbergs said...