Sunday, October 27, 2013

Lost in the corn maze

Just as with apple picking, you need to hit the pumpkin patch early in the season or you'll be left with slim pickings.  Because we did the whole hayride/apple picking thing last month, Rich and I had silently decided to skip the pumpkin patch this year.  But we would obviously just grab some pumpkins at a local stand.  Well, after the fall photo shoot, Rich said, "If we see any pumpkins on the way home, we'll stop to get some."  Allie interpreted that to mean that we were going to a pumpkin patch that day even though it was after 4:00 and we didn't know of any in the area.

I was feeling a bit guilty so the next day, we decided to embark upon another fall adventure.  The last of the season.  We found a corn maze with a pumpkin stand and hayride and to make it even more fun, Em's BFF and her family joined us.




Unfortunately, we couldn't find our way out of the corn maze and after a half an hour or so of trying, we took the cheater short-cut exit.  I could have sworn that we tried every path but apparently, we didn't.





So that just about wraps up fall.  Next up - Halloween.

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Christi said...

Great fall shots! I especially like the one of the kids walking down the path. We haven't done much of the stuff I had on our fall bucket list so I better start making a winter one!