Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fall Photo Shoot - v6














I saved the best for last.



Kathleen said...

I may or may not have just died from the cuteness.

Em's and Anna's hair seems a tad shorter than Allie's. Did they get a trim recently? (Of course, my eyes could just be playing tricks on me)

Sarah said...

No hair cuts! aside from the micro-trim I did a few nights ago. I'm talking 1/2 inch. I just looked back at these pics and I think it's just Allie's hair is pulled forward in most of them.

BWong said...

I look forward to checking into your blog a few times per week...have been a faithful follower for just over a year. I'm not even sure how I stumbled upon your blog but I am so glad that I did! Your girlies are beautiful and awesome and I enjoy watching them grow! You and Rich keep up the amazing work, which I can't even imagine how exhausted you two are! But blessed all the same! :)

Katie said...

I also have triplet daughters who are two years old now. I've enjoyed following your blog the last year or so! Your daughters are beautiful!

Whitney said...

Wow...these deserve to be on canvases! :)

The Yarbrough's said...

I love the last one!! :)

Debbie said...

These are wonderful. It is what I love the most about photography...that we get to capture these moments that will live forever in our hearts. Thanks for sharing yours.

Anonymous said...

These pictures are stunning! Allie really is beautiful and has a special relationship with the camera. I could see her being a model.. very photogenic. And I love that you dont chop your girls hair off. I hate that most girls have short hair cause their mothers cant be bothered.. Im sure your girls apreciate you letting them have princess hair. :)

Tammy Annika said...

I've been following your blog for over a year now and I still get confused between Allie and Emily. It takes me a few seconds! ;) cute girls..

Kandice said...

Beautiful pictures of your beautiful girls!!

Anonymous said...

They are so cute and they look so grown up. Allie is becoming quite the model. Have you ever thought of getting then into modelling?

B said...

Great shots!

Sarah said...

Thanks, everyone!

Allie is very good in front of the camera. I never have to pose her. She's actually very good at acting too. Sometimes a little too good. We ran into another triplet mom at a mall a few years ago. She told me that I should look into modeling for them and gave me the name of the agency her triplets had gone through. Her kids were older. We looked it up online and they were no longer in business. Other than that, we haven't seriously considered it.

Sara said...

Hi Sarah,

I've been reading your blog for at least three years- your family is so special and the girls are darling.

I also read a blog where the writer features a "Special Needs Spotlight" every Friday. She interviews families with all sorts of special needs. I thought you might be interested. Here is a link:

You might even consider contacting her about being interviewed! Anna's story of spina bifida is helpful in understanding the huge range of characteristics of spina bifida in children.

Christi said...

Keep the Triboro Youth Theatre in Attleboro in mind if Allie wants to be in a play. They do a great job with the kids.

My friends' daughters have been involved for the past few years in the Grade 2-4 group. As a non-parent, I can honestly say these are terrific productions and the kids have a lot of fun.

My Froley said...

Your girls are growing up beautifully :)