Friday, September 27, 2013

This week's stats

What a week!
  • Number of school days a kid stayed home sick: 4
  • Number of kids who missed school: 2
  • Number of visits to the pediatrician: 2
This all started one week ago with Allie pointing to the roof of her mouth saying that it hurt.  But she said it was this hungry thing she had a few months ago.  With that, she must have been going through a growth spurt and couldn't satisfy her hunger so she was up half the night.  This time, it ended up being some sort of cold with drainage running down her throat instead of out her nose.  She had few nights last weekend of asthma coughing but that was it.  It didn't slow her down, cause any fevers or affect her eating.

Sunday, something was clearly not right with Emily.  She was really tired and didn't have much of an appetite.  She also complained of a headache a few times and you could clearly see across her eyes that she wasn't feeling 100%.  You can see the beginning of it through her eyes in this picture I took on Saturday.  


Emily was supposed to read a book to her class at school on Monday and because she didn't have a fever and wasn't throwing up, we gave her the option of going to school Monday morning.  She kept changing her mind and then she threw up so the decision was easily made for her.  She did have a very slight temperature that day which went away with one dose of Tylenol and was eating a few hours later.  By the end of the day, she was feeling much better.  

I absolutely hate when my kids are sick.  The unknown and what could happen always freak me out.  I feel like I hold my breath until they are better. 

Tuesday, Emily returned to school.  Everything seemed normal except that the look across her eyes remained, which was a bit unsettling to me.  That afternoon, Anna fell ill.  Her fever, while still low-grade, was a bit higher and set off the alarm for a urinary tract infection.  She stayed home from school Wednesday.  Because of the bladder infection incident this summer, we contacted her pediatrician Wednesday morning.  At first, he agreed with us that she most likely had what Emily had.  He called back within a half hour to say that he had been thinking about it and would like to see her just in case.  He was able to run a quick scan of her urine and it was 100% clean.  She was actually mad that she had to go to the doctor and kept saying that she felt better.  She returned to school on Thursday and has been fine ever since.

Emily began coughing Wednesday night.  It was a rattling cough and we couldn't quite tell if it was in her chest or not.  She was in bad shape Thursday morning so she stayed home from school and visited the pediatrician.  Thankfully, he was able to tell us that her lungs were clear, that she didn't have the croup or strep throat.  She is thankfully doing much better today, Friday, but stayed home from school.  The drainage has given her a very sore throat and she's lost her voice.  It almost seems like she had a minor flu.  This definitely wasn't a normal cold.

I've been sleeping in beds with sick kids all week.  Part of that was for my comfort, not just theirs.  When Rich woke me up Wednesday morning in Anna's bed, I thought it was Thursday.  I just have to make it through today.  And then I remembered that it was Wednesday.  Sob.  Here's to hoping that everyone returns to 100% over the weekend.  We also need to get the girls in for their flu shots.  This week was a reminder that it's that time of the year again.

The girls have their first CCD class tomorrow morning with Rich as one of their teachers.  (Each class has two co-teachers.)  When the girls found out that Rich was going to be teaching their class, Allie said, "But that's so embarrassing."  Little does she know that this is only the beginning.


Teej said...

Y'all are such good parents. I hope they all feel better soon.

Kathleen said...

Having kids sick is just as hard on the parents as the kids!

Had to laugh at Allie's comment though....I can totally picture her in her teenage years! It really is just the beginning. :)

Beau said...

Not sure if this is relevant or not.. Probably isn't but I thought i should mention it -

Some of the symptoms aren't related.. But the growth spurt and continuous hunger, as well as the runny nose/cold.. Could perhaps point to a thyroid condition..