Sunday, September 29, 2013

September running

The month isn't quite over but I know that I most definitely will not be running tomorrow.  Here's my recap for the month:

Week 1
  • Monday - 3 miles TM
  • Wednesday - 2 miles TM
  • Saturday - 3 miles 32:29
Week 2
  • Tuesday - 3 miles TM
  • Friday - 3.25 miles TM
  • Sunday - 4.25 miles TM
Week 3
  • Wednesday - 3 miles TM
  • Friday - 3.25 miles TM
  • Sunday - 4.5 miles TM
Week 4
  • Wednesday - 3 miles TM
  • Friday - 3.25 miles TM
  • Sunday - 4.5 miles TM
Total Miles:  40

TM stands for treadmill if you haven't figured that out yet.  I was actually a bit surprised at how early I transitioned back to running on the treadmill instead of running outside.  The sun is setting too early for me to safely run outside during the week now and then on the weekends, I've felt blah towards running outdoors.  We live near the center of town in a well developed area.  I feel like I spend so much time watching traffic and trying to cross streets.  I don't have to "share the road" on my treadmill.  

My goal of running every other day fell by the wayside once I returned to work after my mini-vacation.  I'm having trouble finding enough energy during the week to run at eight o'clock at night.  I currently don't have any races planned.  I just really, really want to get back into shape.  A few weeks ago, I attempted to run to catch the train.  Now that Rich is dropping me off at the train station (instead of me driving myself), I haven't had to run for the train but on this day, I had Rich drop me off on the side street seeing as I had approximately 30 seconds to catch the train.  I was a bit surprised when I realized that I wasn't winded from sprinting.  Yay for some type of progress!  (I think I missed my normal train every morning last week.  I need to work on that.)


Kathleen said...

Good for you and your running! Anything is better than nothing.

On another note, I read this article on Yahoo and thought of you. Your triplet girls are just as special!

Lily said...

I was just about to link that article!!