Tuesday, October 1, 2013


I feel a bit like a scatterbrain these days.  Between school stuff, activities, normal house stuff and work, my head is spinning.  Hence, my lack of blogging.  You can throw a sewing project, or three, in there as well.  (I hope to be able to share one later this week.)

So I have a new nephew.  YAY!  The girls will gain three more cousins over the next six months.  Between my side of the family and Rich's they have at least 30 cousins, which makes for super fun family parties.  My brother and sister-in-law knew to call us if they needed us to watch my two nieces while they went to the hospital.  I ended up in Allie's bed Sunday night.  At some point, I heard a phone ringing but just made it a part of my dream.  I suddenly jumped up and almost yelled, "THE BABY!"

With a drive that reminded me of our return road trip from Florida last year, I arrived at their house around four o'clock Monday morning.  The youngest kept waking up and fussing so around five, I brought her downstairs to sleep with me on the couch.  I feared she would freak out because I'm obviously not her mom but she snuggled down with her little head against my shoulder and fell asleep.  She's 21 months old and holding her while we slept brought me back to when my girls were that age.  I was telling Rich about it and he commented that time flies.  It most certainly does.  I hate wishing time away because we can never have that time back.  It was so very challenging having three toddlers that I sometimes feel I may have missed out on some of the good times.  I sometimes feel that way now, which is why I try to snuggle and cuddle whenever I can.  I even give the girls a free pass when they need me to sleep with them in the middle of the night.  (Hey, sharing a double bed is a luxury compared to the couch cushion bed of 2009-2010.)  As life "settles down," I'm beginning to feel more moments of contentment.

Rich and I will celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary tomorrow.  I just realized a few days ago that it's been nine years.  I had eight in my head.  After all that we've been through, it seems like our wedding was a lifetime ago.  Happy anniversary, hon!!


Pink Apple Rose Boutique said...

Happy Anniversary, Sarah and Rich!

Cindy said...

Happy Anniversary!
Enjoy the snuggles now. It flies by and with multiples, it's that much faster, I find. Congrats on the new baby :)

Of Pandas and Pirates said...

Happy Anniversary from a long time reader/lurker! ;)