Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A morning in the mountains

Well, my goal was to fit all of last Monday into one post but that would take three days or so because there are too many pictures for me to handle in one day.

Before I begin, I want to link to some fabric finds.  Hawthorne Threads (they're not paying me - I just really like them) has fabric from this collection on sale right now.


There's 6 yards of the yellow remaining for $5.99/yard.  The blue is also listed on sale but is out of stock and has been reordered.  And then I found this fabric which is super adorable, but out of stock and on back order.  Super cute for little girls who love everything princess.  I did pick up a few yards of it in "jewel."  There's only 3 yards left!


Surprisingly, the girls didn't really sleep in as I expected them to.  They were awake around 7:15 each day.



Monday morning was our first morning there and we decided to take advantage of the free complimentary continental breakfast at the hotel.  (In case someone is wondering about the girls' outfits, I had them wear their clothes from the day before to breakfast.) The dining room has beautiful panoramic views of the surrounding mountains.  That was the one time that I wished I had traveled with my wide angle lens.  To reduce weight, I had decided to only bring my 35mm, which for the most part was fine.


(LOVE natural light.)

By the way, I want to note that the continental breakfast is just that - continental.  (Not complaining, just stating.)  They had small muffins (blueberry and cranberry), some type of bread (think banana, but not banana), hard boiled eggs, oatmeal, yogurt (with optional granola and dried fruit), fresh fruit, and a selection of 3-4 cold cereals.  You could also order toast, a bagel or an english muffin from the kitchen.


The yogurt was pink (presumably strawberry) so I told the girls that it was princess yogurt.  "Eat the princess yogurt.  Eat the princess yogurt."


After we ate, we went for a walk around the hotel to explore.






The kids were all begging to swim again and because it looked like rain was going to move in later, we spent some time at the pool before heading over to Story Land.




Up next - Story Land and face painting.

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