Monday, July 8, 2013

White Mountain Hotel and Resort

When it comes to vacations, I'm usually the one who takes care of all the research and then Rich books everything.  It seems like it took us forever to decide where to stay this time around.  We didn't want to stay at the Red Jacket again and because we were going during a holiday week, we didn't want to ask Rich's brother if we could use his place.  There were a few hotels on "the strip" (or Route 16) that I was looking into but I couldn't make up my mind.  I went to Trip Advisor and began going through the hotels based on how they were rated.  The White Mountain Hotel and Resort was listed at #3 (Red Jacket is #2) and the rooms were slightly less expensive than the hotels on Route 16.  It looked nice and Rich knew of it so we booked two rooms (Grammy was traveling with us.)

(Cousin Charlie, who looks like he could be their brother.)


Rich called to book our rooms to ensure that we received the discounted rate I had found online and to see what the situation would be with respect to connecting rooms.  We were told that there were two connecting rooms on the first floor overlooking the cliff (we weren't paying for a mountain view) that would be reserved for us.  However, when we arrived at the hotel Sunday evening, we were given two rooms on the first floor overlooking the cliff that were not connecting.  Rich and I returned to the front desk and explained our situation.  Because one of the girls sleeps in the room with Grammy, it makes for a difficult/awkward vacation if those rooms aren't connecting.  Especially if that kid wakes up in the middle of the night and needs Mommy or something from the other room.

If we hadn't been told that connecting rooms would be put aside for us, I wouldn't have pushed back but based on what we had been told when reserving the room, I was slightly annoyed.  And there was nothing in their reservation system about us requesting connecting rooms either.  The woman at the front desk was extremely nice and accommodating and eventually found us two connecting rooms.  We did lose our view of the cliff (the new rooms overlooked the check-in driveway area) but without balconies, I told her I didn't care where the rooms were as long as they connected.



(Apparently, big round pillows are funny.)



Would we stay here again?  Yes, we would.
  • It's in a quiet location far off the main road and away from the hustle and bustle of Route 16.  It's still close enough to be convenient though.
  • The hotel doesn't cater to kids (like the Red Jacket does) so the majority of the guests did not have kids, which made for a quieter hotel.
  • There's a decent size pool.  It's outdoors but heated.
  • It's clean.
  • There are onsite restaurants.  Continental breakfast is included with your room or you can order from the menu.
  • Beautiful scenery/views.  
These were taken from the pool deck while the kids swam.





While readying the kids for bed that first night, Rich and I had to go out to the van to grab some bags.  I ran back to the room, grabbed my camera and ran back outside to try to take some pictures with the sun setting.


Crop version




Up next - Story Land, face painting and more pictures!

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Jenn P said...

looks beautiful! and your girls look like they are having the best time...even in the hotel room! ~Jenn