Thursday, July 11, 2013

A flower, a kitten and a rock star princess

The girls are still very much within the appropriate age range for Story Land.  Unfortunately, they are  too short (by several inches) to go alone on the rides, all of which are set up in order for a responsible person to easily ride with little ones.  We're lucky that Grammy was able to travel with us so that we could all ride together and not have to take turns.  Allie is not a fan of roller coasters so she sat that one out and all 5 of us were able to ride the bamboo shoots scary thing together.

(antique German carousel)


(riding with Anna)


(the quads enjoying some lunch)


So although we weren't at Story Land for the entire day, we accomplished quite a bit.  Between our time that day and the afternoon before, the girls had their fill.  They were extremely excited and had been looking forward to having their faces painted again.  This year was even better though as they were able to share their experience with their cousins.  When I asked the girls why they liked having their cousins there, Allie responded with, "It's like one big party with them."













We needed to cath Anna once while at Story Land that day so Rich brought her back to the van for some privacy.  (We cathed her before we left the hotel and immediately when we returned to the hotel before dinner.)  Grammy, Allie, Emily and I killed some time with the girls' cousin, Maggie, while Anna was being cathed.


And when she returned, it was time for the girls to meet Cinderella.


That night all 14 of us ate dinner together at the Muddy Moose.  The restaurant itself is okay.  (Think Bugaboo Creek's mountain cousin.)  After dinner, it was time for bed for the kids.  And then the adults.  When traveling, each kid shares a bed with either me, Rich or Grammy.  The girls rotated so they each had a chance to sleep in my bed (or try to take over my pillow) as we were there for three nights.  Our routine is to turn all the lights off and rest in the beds until the kids are asleep.  Rich and I then did whatever on our phones for a bit before falling asleep ourselves.  


Laurie said...

So cute - looks like you guys had a lot of fun. We just got back from Disney with my husband's family (14 of us in total, too!). Our daughter had a blast with her cousins - that was probably her favorite part of the trip :)

Alicia said...

Oh cool! We have something like that around where we live. My husband and I only pass it on road trips, and every time we do, we say we need to remember to take the kids there -- and then promptly forget all about it, haha. Looks like such a good time for them!

Kristin said...

Looks lime fun! We took our 2 year old to Storyland in June. She had fun in her own way and still talks about it, but was afraid of most of the rides. I love the Muddy Moose! North Conway holds a special place in my heart. It is where DH proposed. Glad you had a good time!

Anonymous said...

Have you every thought of taking the girls to Clark's Trading Post. When I went camping in New Hampshiere we always went there, great place. I'm not sure how far it is from North Conway though.

Sarah said...

Clark's Trading Post is on our list of places to visit. It's a little over an hour from North Conway. My BIL and SIL stopped there on their way back to Mass. We had thought of doing that too but Anna wasn't feeling well and we wanted to beat the holiday traffic.

Karen said...

Loving the pictures!

Just a very random question but I noticed that the girls' hair is really long. Is brushing and styling it difficult? Any good brush suggestions would definitely be appreciated!

Sarah said...

The girls have hair like mine - fine but a lot of strands. It tangles very easily. We use a thick conditioner on it and then when it's wet, a wide tooth comb. When it's dry - we just use a regular brush.