Sunday, June 23, 2013

The really BIG gymnastics show

The girls' year end gymnastics show took place a few weekends ago.  Don't allow the lack of photos in this post fool you.  I'm so very proud right now!

Their class the week before the show was "sneak peek" week and parents, family and friends were invited to watch a practice run of their performance.  Because this takes place during the week, there actually aren't that many spectators.

(Emily and Allie)


There's Anna doing a cartwheel.


Anna never says that she can't do something.  She just does it.

I didn't take a ton of pictures during sneak peek or the actual big show because I wanted to pay attention to all three kids instead of trying to fire off pictures and missing out.  Plus, it was somewhat difficult to take pictures from where I was sitting at the show and I didn't want to block views, etc.

Here are two of my three.


So I asked the girls which one they liked more - their dance recital or the gymnastics show.  The gymnastics show won for two reasons:
  1. They can watch all the other kids' performances because they aren't stuck backstage.
  2. Everyone receives a medal at the end.
At the end of the dance recital, awards were handed out for perfect attendance, which I have mixed feelings about.  (That was the only award/medal too.)  Honestly, my kids didn't say anything about not receiving a perfect attendance medal and I wasn't going to be the one to bring it up.  They obviously understood what was going on but apparently it wasn't that big of a deal.  I get why perfect attendance is important but is it worth bringing a sick kid to dance class?  We did pull them out of one class in December for vacation.  Shhhhh, don't tell anyone.  But otherwise, they each did miss at least one other class because they were sick at some point during the year.  Anna came close to missing another because of a doctor's appointment, which can be very difficult to schedule.  Sometimes you just have to take what they give you.  I'm of the mindset that life doesn't always allow for perfect attendance.

As I attempting to photograph the medals ceremony at the gymnastics show, I realized how badly I need a good zoom lens.  I had switched to my 85mm.  I probably should have brought my 105mm but I wasn't thinking when I packed my camera bag.  Anyway, the problem wasn't so much my lens but the fact that the girls gave me exactly 2 seconds in which to take the photo.  I'm a fairly fast photographer but I'm not that fast.  Here's Anna.


Summer gymnastics classes don't begin for a few more weeks.  Hard to believe but the girls are still in school due to snow days.  Only a few days left!


Sara said...

I love that the gym is decorated too! You got some great shots!

Jenn P said...

The perfect attendance thing makes me crazy. I am of the same mindset as you. As always, I love looking at pics of your girls! Beautiful! ~Jenn

Lily said...

those are cute Leos!

KimB said...

I get what you are saying as far as attendance. You're totally right about kids getting sick. In my experience however, there are many kids who don't attend because they/their parents just can't be bothered. They're not in the mood. And this is wrong to me on many levels:

1. They've paid money for this
2. Other kids are muscled out if numbers are limited
3. Basically, you're (not you Sarah) not teaching your kids responsibility. If you sign up for an activity, go, for goodness sake (unless you're sick).

Yesterday was my 8 yr old's LAST gymnastics class of the year. 7-8 girls are in the class. Guess what? My daughter was the ONLY ONE THERE. So basically she got a personal one on one 2-hour lesson.

It happened to be a gorgeous day, go figure...

Chantel said...

I recently read something about schools doing away with "perfect attendance" awards because for some kids it just encourages them to come sick. I agree that perfect attendance is just out of a child's (and adult's!) hands.

I can see why the girls liked gymnastics better, Claudia was confused why some girls got trophies at the dance recital (it was for 5 or 10 years in dance). I told her in 4 years, if she is still in dance, she can get one. She said "I have to wait until I am 10 to get a trophy?" Poor kid!