Sunday, June 30, 2013

Life lately


My friend, Heather, and her family vacationed at Disney last month.  She said that even with reading all my trip reports, Disney was a learning experience and there are things that she would do differently the next time.  I completely agree with her as that vacation is something that you need do for yourself in order to really understand it.  You can plan, plan, plan but until you are there, you won't know exactly what it's like.  That being said, that conversation had me thinking about ways that I could improve the flow of knowledge that I have.

I've been meaning to add a Disney tab to the top of the page with links to my trip reports and planning posts.  I do have some other planning posts that I hope to publish in the near future as well.  As for our return trip, we still don't have a definite date yet.


I haven't sewn a stitch in over two months and I'm not liking it at all.  The girls have more than enough clothing right now so my focus, when I find some time, is going to be on Disney customs for 2014.  I want to plan before I sew this time around.  Last year, Grammy and I just sewed a bunch of clothes and while it all worked out fine (we actually had too much), I think planning would have made life a little bit easier.

So to start, I'm planning on using these three fabrics to make the girls each a dress.


I don't know exactly which dress yet but I'm guessing that they'll want something with twirl-ability or ruffles.  

I've had some requests for Jessie (Toy Story) customs.  I have a really cool idea for a jumper type dress that I'm definitely going to try out and the girls have these Levi jeans that are now floods but will fit in the waist for awhile.  I think they'll make some cute Jessie-inspired skirts.  As long as we aren't going when it's 90 degrees out.



The upstairs floor of our house is carpeted while the downstairs has oak flooring.  This is the only house I've ever lived in that has carpet.  When we first looked at this house, I had a list of things that I would change, one of those being swapping out that carpet for wood.  Well, by the time we closed on the house, I had lost my job so we weren't about to spend money on flooring that wasn't necessary.  

Emily's room isn't really decorated and her room and Anna's could use some updating.  Unfortunately, I can't get past the carpet, which is different (and cheaper) in their rooms.  I told Rich that I want to rip it out and replace it myself.  What Rich didn't realize when he married me was that I come from a family of do-it-ourselfers.  Rich and I did install a wood floor in one of the rooms in our first house.  We also sanded and finished the antique pine in several of the other rooms.

I also wanted to replace the kitchen countertop with granite but that project was shelved with the wood floor.  I actually liked the kitchen cabinets when we moved in but the problems started here and continue on today.  We now have two drawers that are falling apart.  Replacing the cabinets is not something that I want to do.    

I think we're looking at 2014 or later for the floor project.  But there are several other smaller projects that I can take care in the meantime.  When I find the time.  

I don't even want to think about the kitchen cabinets...


Not this past week but the week before, I successfully completed week 5 of Hal Higdon's 5K training program.  I'm slowing increasing my mileage and I feel pretty strong even though it has taken me 6 months to get where I should have been 4 months ago. I've been clocking 10 minute miles during most of my outdoor runs too, which I think is decent.  One of those runs happened at 8:20 at night, which makes for an extremely long day.

Last week was a disaster work-wise and I ended up not running for 5 days, which isn't too terrible but adds to my frustration at feeling like I'm not getting anywhere.  I did run 2.5 miles today at 10 minute miles and I know it's ridiculous to think that I'll regress after a 5 day break.  I would like to find a 5K to run by the end of the summer and my big goal is to run a 10 miler or a half marathon next year.  

AND the Best Dad EVER

No words needed for this.



Meet the Brummett's said...

Love the fabric for the Disney dresses! Do you know the manufacturer of it and or remember where you purchased it? It is just adorable!

Sarah said...

Thank you. I purchased it thru Hawthorne Threads online. I forget the designer but I think her first name is Sandra. It may be the Happily Ever After collection. You should check the Hawthorne Threads website as they did have a small amount left on sale.

Eileen Ward said...

How does your back feel about running? I know that your weak core probably is causing your knees/ankles to hurt. I have a herniated disc in my back and was basically told that I'd never able to run. I had started to jog...and got pregnant, so that's not happening. In the past though, before a LOT of physical therapy, any running would put me in agony. I had no core strength and my back and knees were taking all the brunt of it.
I worry that with your ab issues, that running might do you more harm than good...just take it easy! I know you don't have time to recover from an injury!

Sarah said...

Eileen - I don't have any back problems when running or after I run. I do have back problems walking around if I'm carrying a heavy bag but nothing with running. I did talk to my doctor about that and she said that running was good not only for me in general but also for my back. I also make sure I have very supportive running shoes - I have flat feet.