Saturday, March 14, 2009

Kitchen Cabinet Fix

I wanted to post this in case anyone else runs into the same issue, it may help you out. Back in January, we discovered that not only had one of our kitchen cabinets pulled away from the wall but it was actually falling apart inside as well.

I think we became so side-tracked after our neighbor talked about Rich fixing it himself that we completely lost sight of what we should have done. What Rich did at first was have a handyman from come over to repair it. For $140 flat fee, he informed us that in order for him to properly repair it, he would have to take it off of the wall, take it with him and then return later to place it back on the wall. We weren't too happy with that answer. He then told us that our other option would be to contact the manufacturer because the cabinets were probably under warranty.
The cabinets are so cheap, no maker or brand is stamped or listed anywhere on any of the cabinets. Seeing as our house is only four years old, Rich called the builder. He wasn't very helpful. After more phone calls, Rich was told that our cabinets only had a two year warranty and that we were out of luck. Our neighbor, who works for a commercial construction company, mentioned to Rich that the builder should be liable for the house for seven years. More phone calls. Rich was able to connect with the company contracted by the builder to install the cabinets.
I didn't so much care about the plates and glasses strewn about the dining room and kitchen counter - I was more concerned with the saftey issue of this cabinet potentially falling off of the wall. We made a point to mention to EVERYONE that we have three little ones and a Grammy so we can't have cabinets falling from walls.
Someone from the cabinet installation company came to the house and repaired the cabinet. Free of charge. Thankyouverymuch.


Stephanie said...

Too bad you had to pay the handyman $140 to have it fixed for free. Oh well, you live and learn right?!? LOL!

Jessica said...

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