Saturday, March 14, 2009

Putting it into perspective

Not to sound sappy or corny but last night when I checked on the girls after they had finally fallen asleep, I just felt so blessed. So blessed and lucky to have that moment. To watch Anna sleeping on her back with her little froggy legs and her mouth wide open. To watch Em curled up at the end of her crib with her face pressed against the mattress,Little Lion close by. To watch Allie with Elmo tucked under one arm and her Cabbage Patch Preemie under the other.

Maybe I feel lucky because of all that I've experienced. We have three little ones with us and one little one not. One little one who was supposed to be with us. Three little ones who weren't.

The girls will be two years old in less than a month. Two years old!! I could ask where the time has gone. I do remember the hard days. Those first few nights home from the hospital, everyone trying to figure out where they belong in this new family. The days of packing the girls up in the van and bringing them to the mall to just walk.

Is it possible for time to travel so slow and so fast all at once? I look back to six months ago and I can't believe the change in my girls. I look back to a year ago and I'm amazed.

It hasn't all been sunshine and roses though. I'm not going to lie about that. We've hit our speedbumps, some bigger than others, along the way but we're still here. And that's all that matters really at the end of the day.

With the girls' birthday coming up, I wanted to share some photos from their first month with us. I think the photos speak for themselves.

Emily and Allie in the delivery room...

...sharing a bassinet on their way to the Special Care Nursery.

Anna after her first surgery...

...drinking a bottle for Mama...

...holding Mama's fingertip.

A crazy baby sleeping in our front living room. (I think this is Allie.)

Emily and Allie (both with a bit of jaundice.)

Em taking a nap.

The girls reunited for the first time nine days after their birth. Anna was still in the NICU.

Mama with a tiny Allie. (I specifically remember asking Grammy to take this picture because I wanted to remember how little Allie was, especially her head.)

Anna home with us at last!

Look at how big my hand looks next to the girls.

Em sleeping.


Jacinta said...

Thanks for sharing these, your girls are just so beautiful. You are very inspiring and you both seem like you are having fun amongst the challenges!

Pam said...

my gosh, two years old! wow. they were so, so, so adorable when they were teeny tiny! (still are, but you's a different type of adorable.)

Liz said...

3 beautiful babies!

His Mom said...

Thank you for posting those!!! You know, I swear, their faces are EXACTLY the same! I mean...I am not talking about them being identical. I am talking about them looking so much like they do now. Just a bit older, but I recognized them immediately. When I see my daughter's newborn photo I don't think it looks like her face. But your 3, do I see it.

I love moments like the one you had. Just feeling so blessed in those moments.

Sarah said...

Thanks everyone. I know - to me, they still look the same - just bigger!

Hope's Mama said...

Beautiful Sarah, just beautiful.

kate said...

SO beautiful!

EH said...

so beautiful... one of the photos looks like a doll {the one you thought was Allie in the living room}.