Sunday, March 15, 2009

Happy Thoughts

After many bitter cold months, Spring is finally making her way into our lives. Do you know how I can tell that we are entering a new season? The ants have returned. We learned last year that warm weather includes ants. They are the tiniest ants I've ever seen and with three little ones who make a mess with food, we are bound to be invaded. I found one last weekend in the family room and then another again yesterday.

I've spent this morning furiously cleaning as we plan to bring the girls outside this afternoon. They are napping now. Seeing as they slept until 8:00 this morning, I'm sure this will be a short nap.

I have a billion photos to upload and I'm behind on my posts. I hope to have something up later today. Enjoy the nice weather!


Danielle said...

Hi Sarah,

How is your "operation fat baby" going? I have my own going, and Zarlee has hit 7kgs (15.4 pounds)! Pretty pathetic for any normal 16 month old, but mine is getting chubby! Lol. I feel like I am going against everything right; whenever she asks for any food, I give it to her. She loves sugar biscuits, and eats them constantly! Oh well... whatever works, right?

She has been for a few tests, checking kidneys, stomach, and digestion bits and pieces. Everything so far has come back normal. It has been confirmed that she is lactose intolerant, but I knew that, so no big deal. Other than that, not much else to report on!

Out of curiosity, what did your girls weigh at sixteen months?

Hope you have a great weekend!


kdliberty said...

I too am glad to see spring.

BTW, most ants hate Windex...

Sarah said...

Hi Danielle - Operation Fat Baby seems to be going well. I haven't tried to weigh Anna again -she usually flips out. At 16 months old, my girls weighed between 18 lbs, 12.5oz and 19 lbs, 2 oz. We've been giving the girls donuts - not sure what a sugar biscuit is but it sounds similar to a donut!! Glad to hear that Zarlee is gaining weight.