Wednesday, June 26, 2013

And then they graduate from kindergarten

The girls finished their last day of kindergarten today.  Our school system does not have graduations, outside of high school graduation, so the day passed without much fanfare.  I can't believe that in two months, I'll have three first graders.  Someone yesterday asked me how old my kids are and I responded with, "They just turned 6."  Um... where did the past 2.5 months go?

The end of the school year was a little difficult for Allie.  Her teacher fell ill and had to leave back in early May.  At first, no one was aware that she wouldn't be returning and Allie was counting down the days for her turn as "The Important Helper."  She was upset that her teacher wasn't there for that day.  She did adjust to her new teacher (and liked her a lot) but I know it just wasn't the same.

The girls started off the school year not knowing all of the lower case letters and now they read books to me.  I can only hope that their love of books and reading continues.  They've grown so much these past 10 months.  It's crazy and amazing how much they can learn and change in such a short period of time.

A few weeks ago, they were playing together in the backyard while I wandered between the deck and the kitchen.  I noted how they were all sitting and talking, carrying on a conversation.  The difference in how they communicate with each other has matured.  For a second, I could see them as teenagers.  Unprompted by me, Emily yelled up, "Mommy, we all decided to have chicken nuggets for dinner."  I was impressed that not only did they all agree on something but that they did so without adult intervention.
No loose teeth yet but given the fact that their teeth came in at exactly the same time, I'm betting that they fall out around the same time.  Speaking of teeth - the girls had a cleaning/dentist check-up last week.  No cavities (yippeee) but the dentist said (more than once), "Ortho for all three."  (Sob)


Karen said...

You must be so proud of your sweet girls!

Way to go Allie, Anna, and Emily!

Mama said...

Sarah, would you recommend having twins in separate kinder classes based on your experience? My girls still have another year before kinder but curious.

Sarah said...

I'm actually working on post about separating multiples in class. I really think it all depends on the kids. There are definitely benefits for separating and benefits for keeping kids together. Do you feel that they would be okay apart? If it's going to cause stress, I wouldn't separate.