Sunday, May 26, 2013

The weekend thus far

Is it May or November?  I brought the girls to a birthday party for one of Emily's classmates yesterday afternoon.  The birthday girl knows all of my girls so they were all invited.  It was set up to be an outdoor party complete with bounce house and cotton candy machine.  The forecast - 100% chance of rain showers with a high of 49 degrees.  Unfortunately, the forecast was 100% accurate.  Ug, I felt so bad.  They still had the party.  How could they not?  It was princess themed so the girls wore dresses with many layers, including their spring jackets.  You know kids though - they still had a great time despite being wet and cold.

We actually turned the heat on this morning.  (I'm a wimp.) And had a fire going in the fireplace yesterday.  I've delayed "turning over" the girls' closets because they're still wearing long sleeves half the time.  Actually, there isn't much turning over to do this year.  I need to clean out the small stuff.

As of last week, I hadn't purchased any warm weather clothes because they have plenty from last year that still fits.  There were/are some much needed items though - new sandals, flip flops, bathing suits, shorts that aren't size 24 months and pajamas.  I happened to hit the mother of all sales online at Gymboree on Wednesday (or it could have been Tuesday.)  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the sandals and flip flops fit.  I went up a size from what they were wearing last year in Gymboree sandals.  I have to tell you I'm a huge fan of those sandals.  My kids, especially Anna, have narrow feet and the top front portion of the sandal (on most of them anyway) can be adjusted to fit tighter.  (I should note that they are still wearing "baby" girl sizes in shoes.)  

I have now finished all but 4 hours of CPE that I need in order to renew my CPA license.  Those last 4 hours have to be a required ethics course and wouldn't you know that the online training website wouldn't launch that one course.  Excuse me while I AAAAHHHHHHHH scream.  I hope it works on Tuesday at the office because I really don't want to deal with customer service.

I was able to run three times this week and I feel great.  I ran 1.75 miles today and I don't feel like I ran at all, which to me means that I'm safe to slowly keep bumping up my mileage.  I'm still looking for/thinking about a 5K.  Not sure if both Rich and I will be able to run together though.  We may have to take turns with races now.  

It's supposed to warm up tomorrow.....


MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

We've had some of the same wishy-washy weather here, too. I dressed the girls in jeans and long sleeves yesterday morning to go out for breakfast, and then we headed to the garden center. They both started complaining they were cold (and I was, too!). Thankfully I still had some fleece pullovers in the car that they could wear.

I took pictures of the girls planting flowers yesterday, and just compared them to the ones from this time last year. Last year they were sweating...this year, they were bundled up.

Craziness! :)

Anonymous said...

I follow another triplet working mom who you would so get on with. I've linked her to your blog, but in case she missed the connection here's her blog

She talks a lot about the struggles of being a working mom.