Friday, May 24, 2013

The CF walk, the triple stroller and then they grow up

As I mentioned earlier, we joined members of Rich's family last weekend in a walk to raise funds for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.  It's an event we've participated in at least three other times with the girls.


Thankfully, the rain held off until later in the day and we were able to enjoy some decent weather.


Our triple jogger had been in storage in the garage for the past six months, our "winter" season.  Rich filled the tires with air and crammed it into the back of the minivan.  The stroller obviously isn't used as often as it was when the girls were toddlers.  We brought it to the walk not only for the walking portion but it served as seats for the girls and saved us from having to lug more gear.

When the girls were wee little things, Rich found that stroller advertised on Craigslist for $150.  (It may have been $175 - still a good deal.)  The woman selling it lived in our town, was a runner and had three children.  I think the oldest was about 7 or 8.  It was one of the original triples made by Baby Jogger.  She had ordered it directly from the company herself because she couldn't find anyone selling them.  We've owned it for at least 5 years and she had owned it for at least 5 years.  Unfortunately, it's age is beginning to show.  As Rich was pushing it loaded up with 100 pounds of 6 year olds, I noticed that the tires looked flat.  Nope, they weren't losing air.  That's just how they look when there's 100 pounds in the stroller.  Unfortunately, I think our days of running road races with the girls are over.

(That's Aaaah.  Yes, that's his name - Aaaaah.  He's kind of a pest.)





At the start of the walk, which was a bit crowded, the girls were all riding in the stroller.  It only took a few minutes for them to ask to walk, which was fine with us.  Anna lasted longer than I thought she would and I find that we need to tell her that it's okay to go back in the stroller.  Allie mostly walked but with her shoe choice of flip flops, she was forced to take some breaks.  Emily walked the entire course.  Well, our version of the course.  For a few reasons, we took a shortcut back.  We ended up walking over a mile though.  I wish I could have taken some video of Emily's power walk.  It was hysterical.

Excluding Anna's spina bifida, my shorties have always been slowish walkers.  Long strides aren't really possible with little legs.  Emily is currently the tallest at 41.5 inches, which is still pretty small for a 6 year old but I feel like they walk at a normal pace now.  I was always the shortest in my class - I've told the girls to get used to it.

There was a donated (I guess you would call it that) cookout after the walk.  Normally, in that kind of situation, Rich and I would take turns sitting at the table with the girls while the other picked up food.  Or we would leave the girls with another adult (Grammy or in this case, Grandma) while we both went through the food line.  With some aspects of growing up, we haven't really focused on independence because it's hard with three the same age and we're usually outnumbered.  This time, I brought Emily with me to gather up our lunch.  Allie and Anna were behind us in the stroller with Rich.  I had Emily dig out a bottle of water for herself from a cooler while I rummaged around for a diet Pepsi.  I placed the food on her plate but she carried it on her own, with a few reminders to make sure her food didn't slide off of her plate.

After the walk, I told Rich that I had hopes for not needing 2 strollers for our next Disney trip.  My heart is a bit sad though.  It's not that big of a deal for Anna now and I can only hope that it will be "easier" for her to get around as her legs grow taller.  I honestly believe that having her in gymnastics and dance along with PT at school and outdoor play at home is helping her muscles grow stronger.  Who knows what she'll be able to do when she's 10 or 13 or 16.  She was hopping on one foot tonight.  Her weaker leg.  She proudly showed us. "Look!  I used to not be able to hop on this foot and now I can!"            


Anonymous said...

My dad suffered from a terrible fall and we didn't think he'd ever be able to keep up with us on walking ventures or vacations. But, what do you know--a lot of PT later, we forget he even had that accident. Now I have the image of my dad doing gymnastics...ha ha ha....

Anonymous said...

These pictures scare me. Especially the first one. They look way too grown up! I remember when they were itty bitty things! Time sure does fly.....


Anonymous said...

Go Anna!! That's awesome, I hope she overcomes more odds as she grows older.

jenn said...

that is wonderful for Anna! The girls are so beautiful!

Wendy said...

<3 Anna! 10 years use for a Jogger is a pretty good run, I'd say! It's amazing it's lasted so long :)

Esther said...

The girls looks so adorable in those glasses!!!

I have to ask you, if you do not mind: my twin boys are 4.5 and are 41.5 inches tall (32lb), so the same height as your girls. In their pre-k4 classes this year, they were the shortest for sure. Most kids were 5-5.5 years of age and the shortest was maybe 43in. Boys noticed but it was all fine. I am a bit worried going forward if they will be teased for being slow-boomers (hubby is 6"3, so I have hope!).
Do the girls ever talk about being so much shorter than the other kiddos, especially since girls are often taller than boys at this age? Does it bother them?
I sure hope not..but wanted to hear your opinion...Thank you!