Friday, November 30, 2012

Stars and angels

Work was incredibly busy (and incredibly frustrating) this week.  I stayed later than usual Monday through Wednesday before working a 12 hour day yesterday.  Add in two hours of daily commuting time and eating dinner at almost 9:30 and I was officially done.  I feel like one crappy workweek shouldn't be that big of a deal but I'm getting too old for this.

Because I wasn't going to be home at bedtime last night, Rich and the girls called me shortly after 6:30 to say goodnight.  The girls' voices were so soft and sweet and they always do adorable things like kiss the phone.  At one point during the conversation, Emily asked what I was doing.  "Reviewing an amortization M-1."  "What's that?"  "Ahhh... never mind, Emmy."

Rich sent me an email earlier in the day telling me how they had been in a store and Allie had picked out one of those changing color solar lights in the shape of a star and asked if they could buy it for Abbey.  We talk about Abbey here and there and answer the girls' questions the best we can but this was definitely unexpected and touching as there hadn't been any recent conversations about her.

I asked Allie about the star light this morning.  She said something about going to church and talking about God and I really wish that I could remember the entire sentence because she ended it with "and then maybe Abbey will decide to come back alive the next time."  Sometimes Allie makes statements that stop me in my tracks.  How can a five year old seem to know so much?  Is it simply the innocence of children?  We don't attend church nor discuss God on a regular basis so whenever she adds those subjects to our conversations, I can't help but wonder why.

Last night, as I trudged along in the freezing cold from the train station to my car, I wondered how many of us carry these tragedies with us in our hearts.  More than we realize, I'm sure.


Anonymous said...

I read a quote once that always sticks with me. I'm sure i have it wrong, but it went something like be kind, for everyone you meet is in a hard battle. This is the God's honest truth, all we can do is try to be kind to everyone, despite how they may treat us. Good luck on this road called life.

Stacey L. said...

Your girls are so sweet. I think it's beautiful how they think of Abbey.

Anonymous said...

So sweet.
I hope you can relax this weekend!

Sophie Slim said...

Hey! I'm a long time reader :)

I've notice you say a few things about your girls mentioning God and faith...

Personally I feel like children have a special connection with God, I think because their problems and attitudes are so simple their faith can be so big. God makes sense to them.

In the bible it says that we should all have "childlike faith", as in, just believing and trusting, asking questions, and knowing that when someone says something (like God saying he loves you) you just believe it.

i think thats a whole lot of beautiful :)