Monday, November 26, 2012

Pin the tail

Allie is so much like me that it's frightening at times.  Her latest phase is complaining of boredom, which translates into her wanting to lounge on the couch, enjoying endless episodes of Jake and whatever else the Disney channel has to offer.  Before children and a 100 year old house that needed to be ripped out and redone, I enjoyed many an afternoon on the couch watching television or mornings in bed reading a book.  We try to limit how much TV the girls watch because we don't think it's necessary for it to be on all the time.  Some days, the girls don't even ask to watch it and other days, they watch too much.  It all evens out.

Last weekend, Emily and Anna went out with Rich to run errands.  Within five minutes, Allie missed her sisters.  There was nothing to do without them around.  I told her that she could go outside and rake leaves. When my children complain of boredom, I tell them how my parents would bundle us up, throw us outside with a couple of rakes and we had to clean up the yard.  Kids these days don't know how easy they have it.

The girls had been playing "birthday party" with their buddies so I suggested a game of Pin The Tail On The Donkey.  The creative wheels immediately began to spin.  Without any assistance or further suggestions from me, she drew a donkey and taped it to the wall.  She used a doll scarf to cover her buddies' eyes and made the tails for them to pin on.


When Emily arrived home, she made a version for her buddies.


I love how she is closing her eyes as she helps Rapunzel Minnie.


Oh, by the way, I trimmed Emily's and Allie's hair a few weeks ago and apparently, it was so traumatic that I've been told that I am not allowed to cut their hair EVER again.  I did cut an extra inch off of Emily's hair by mistake and it was a bit crooked but I fixed it.  Lesson learned.  


Anonymous said...

I'm with the girls, Sarah! Don't cut their hair.. ;) It's far too beautiful to be snipped. (though I understand it needs to be trimmed to keep it healthy..)I love how you allow them to have long hair. Most mothers today are too lazy or just don't have the time and the girls end up with a bob or worse. So sad...

Anonymous said...

Some parents don't have the time each morning to tame unruly hair that is super long. On the flip side some little girls actually want a bob! While personally I think little girls look so cute with long beautiful hair.....that comment was really judgmental!

Anonymous said...

Also....Sarah! You should play the power ball! You already have identical triplets! I've heard the odds of that are 1 in 200 million!

Sarah said...

Well, Allie's friend had a bob last year and it looked super cute on her. I think it depends on the kid - just like adults. I've seen some kids with pixie cuts that look really cute and some kids with layered bobs that look really old. My girls' hair wouldn't be good for a bob and I refuse to flat iron it - they are too young.

I like their hair long too but it really needed a trim. I only took an inch off of Allie's and 2 off of Emily's.

I keep telling Rich to buy a power ball ticket!! Funny b/c on the day of my u/s when the girls were found, my doctor told us to go buy a lottery ticket.

Sarah G said...

Sarah --- I found this on pinterest and thought of you immediately. :)

Sarah said...

Sarah G - you know what's funny? I saw that blog post a few weeks ago! Cute ideas.