Saturday, November 24, 2012

Giving thanks

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and so very much to be thankful for this year.  Our morning was quiet and spent at home watching the parade on television.  We then headed over to my youngest brother's house to hang out and enjoy a delicious turkey dinner.  I don't know about about you but I love mashed potatoes, stuffing and gravy and cannot imagine a holiday meal without them.  The girls loved playing with their cousins and a good time was had by all.










The girls have been learning about the Pilgrims at school and they really seem to understand what being thankful means.  We had a nice conversation in the van on the way home.  Anna started off with what she is thankful for -

1.  Sisters
2.  My Mommy's and Daddy's hugs and kisses
3.  That we don't have any cats or dogs for pets

Both Emily and Allie said that they are thankful for Mommy and Daddy and then Allie added that she is thankful that we have enough money to buy food and clothes.  She's also thankful that she's not a busser (at school) because the busses drive really fast.  I have no idea where that last one came from but I'm glad that she said the line regarding food and clothes.  They are starting to understand the concept of money and I've been trying to teach them that not everyone can just walk into the grocery store and buy whatever food they need or want.  It's a hard lesson to teach because I don't want them to worry unnecessarily but it's something I think is important for kids to know.



Hannah said...

all of you seem really happy! have a great rest-weekend!

Lily said...

those tights are sooo freaking cute!

Angela Bailey said...

I truly appreciate you teaching your kids about money and how everyone isn't as blessed as you or I are blessed. So many kids aren't taught that concept and grow up behaving as such. I truly believe the more kids understand, the more compassion they will have later in life! :-)


Elena said...

Its great to see our kids getting to celebrate and enjoying Thanksgiving. We must educate them about the significance of this day. They should feel for the less fortunate and its up to us to bring that thought in our kids.

Jessica G said...

Okay, the turkeys in the last picture caught me a big off guard. Are they wild turkeys in your area? I can't imagine the girls would be big fans of them.

Sarah said...

I think it's really important for kids to appreciate what they have - and that being thankful doesn't mean for all the toys, etc that you have.

As for the turkeys - those were in the driveway next to my brother's house. I took those pictures from the car. A bunch of them came walking down our street one morning last year and went off into the woods. I haven't seen them since - which is of no big surprise b/c a fox lives back there!