Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Almost gobble time

I've said it before and I'll say it again - if you want to take advantage of Black Friday sales without the crowds, shop today, the day before Thanksgiving.  Obviously, not all of the Black Friday deals and specials are available but many of them are.  I learned this a few years ago at the outlet mall so that's where I headed today.  With Allie.  I took the day off from work because they always allow us to leave early and the trains are packed with all the other worker bees who were released early from their duties and all the college kids with their laundry bags retreating to their parents' homes in the suburbs.  It's not a very productive workday.

My girls mainly wear skirts and dresses because I have trouble finding pants to fit their skinny frames.  Even the jeans with the tightening elastics have an awkward fit.  I purchased size 5 jeggings for Allie and Emily from OshKosh and they are HUGE.  (Anna has a pair in size 4 and those fit her.  And look freaking adorable.)  The girls don't mind, and actually prefer, to dress in skirts and dresses so it all works out but they need leggings and tights for the cooler weather.

They each have a pair or two of newer leggings in size 4 but the rest are size 3 and now noticeably way too short on Emily and Allie.  I'm keeping them because they will simply look like capri length leggings when worn with sandals but they really needed more leggings and a few other winter items.

I have to say that I was extremely disappointed in the selection at The Children's Place outlet.  That's usually my go-to store for basic leggings and their selection today was terrible.  They only had two colors and the smallest size was 7/8.  OshKosh already had everything in their store marked down by (at least) 50% and I had a coupon.  I found super warm winter coats for the girls and a decent selection of leggings.

Being alone sometimes brings out the best in Allie.  She was so well behaved and similar to my outing with Emily a few weeks ago, it was an absolute pleasure.  (And yes, Anna is next in line for some one-on-one time.)  Allie had eaten a big bowl of pasta with cheese shortly before we left so I was somewhat caught off-guard when she told me that she was hungry.  She didn't whine about it but I could tell that she really was hungry.  In order to avoid trekking halfway across the mall in search of an appropriate snack, I bought a milk chocolate bar from the Lindt store.  After Allie was buckled in her car seat, I broke off a row of chocolate for her. You better believe she enjoyed that little snack.  When we were at home, I smeared peanut butter on a few pieces for myself.  So good but a reminder that I need to start running again.

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Stacey L. said...

I went to an outlet mall here in CA on Monday and was really disappointed with The Children's Place as well. I did manage to take advantage of the 50% off dressy collection they had in regular stores and got both my girls dressy coats for $15 each. I'm sort of obsessed with their plaid dressy collection.