Wednesday, September 5, 2012

When scary, evil baby bunnies attack

Our town's Parks & Recreations Dept. hosts free events for kids throughout the year.  (Well, nothing in life is free.  Especially when one is paying property tax.)  A few weeks ago, a petting zoo at a nearby park was listed as one of the summer events.  This also happened to be my day at home that week.


The girls refused to hold the chick and then it pooped in Rich's hand, which they thought was hysterical.


Now, it should be known that Anna is terrified of all animals and bugs.  She was also still recovering from that fever virus and insisted that someone (here it is Grammy) hold her lest one of the bunnies escape from its swaddle and attack her.



I didn't realize that baby bunnies are like human babies when it comes to swaddling.

I love this one - the bunny is looking at the camera.








There were kittens as well but the girls were too afraid to hold one, mainly because they were more active than the bunnies.  I held one while they pet her head.  Anna flipped out when she saw me holding it though.  You would have thought that I was being attacked by a tiger.  Allie and Em did well with the bunnies except for one minor incident.  Allie was looking at her bunny's face and said, "Hey, I can see his teeth.... AHHHHHH."  Rich grabbed the bunny from her.


Jilly said...

So what you're saying is, now is the perfect time to introduce them to the Bunnicula books? ;)

Mama Meerkat said...

I have never seen a swaddled bunny before! Adorable.

Sharon @ Finding Vanilla Octopus said...

Precious. And I learned something new about bunnies today. I should also admit that I, too, thought of the Bunnicula books when I read the title of your post. ;)

Phew. Now I've finally commented. I've spent the past couple of months reading your blog from the beginning (big, dorky fan here, I'll admit it). I'm happy to be up-to-date and able to join in the comments conversations once in awhile.

And, not to sound too terribly fawning, but you inspired me to start a blog of my own. :)

Elaine said...

I actually raised rabbits from age 7 to age 19 as pets & showed them in our 4-H livestock project! Rabbits really like small tight spaces because it makes them feel secure. You're supposed to hold them like a football, tucking their head under your arm and tucking in their feet. They probably had them swaddled because it was easier to pass them around that way and the rabbits still felt safe. :) Plus it kept people from getting scratched I'll bet! How interesting that Anna is even afraid of cuddly animals!

Wendy said...

The orange and white bunny picture is killing me. Emmy looks so sweet, and the little bunny head. Jeez. Too precious.

Cindy said...

Excellent exit line. Made me snort.

Sarah said...

Okay, so I had to look up Bunnicula b/c I had never heard of it. Too funny!!!

Sharon - thanks for commenting!

Elaine - Ahhh, the bunny swaddling makes a lot of sense now. I don't know much about rabbits.

Wendy - if only you had been there. It was almost too much for me to handle