Monday, September 3, 2012

Blogging while vactioning

We arrived back home from Florida this morning.  3:45 this morning, to be exact.  I think it's safe to say that we won't be driving to Florida again for a very long time.  There are just so many more people on the road these days.  Traffic is too unpredictable, as we learned on our journey to Florida last week.     A drive that should have taken 24-25 hours (1,300 miles) was a painful 31 hours long.

I came to the realization years ago that I can't blog while on vacation.  By the time the girls fall asleep, it's almost time for me to go to bed.  I tried to set up some posts in advance but didn't get very far.

So I'm back now.  I still have posts from August I would like to finish before I blog about our vacation though.

I wish I could report that we had the most magical trip but unfortunately, Allie ended up extremely ill and missed out on most of it (or felt crummy for what she could participate in.)  She was running a fever the day we arrived but still eating and acting as she normally does.  I hadn't packed our Tylenol so I picked up some Advil (they didn't have Tylenol) from the store at the resort.  For the next three days, she continued to slide downhill.  She was still feverish but that wasn't our main concern.  She stopped eating and was extremely tired and sickly  And then the area around her eyes swelled up.  We brought her to an urgent care center, which was terrible and wrote it off as her just having a virus, even though I kept pointing out and asking about her eyes.  (They did torture her with a flu test, which came back negative.  Of course.)

My mom is allergic to aspirin.  She took aspirin and aspirin related medicines for 50+ years without issue and then she developed an allergy, which took doctors years to figure out.  She can take Tylenol but not Advil.

As I was caring for Allie in the middle of the night after our visit with urgent care, it hit me.  It's the Advil.  I don't think the girls have ever had children's Advil.  For some reason, we have always given them Tylenol.  She's having an allergic reaction to the Advil and I just gave her another dose at bedtime.  We treated her with an antihistamine - Claritin at first until we could get our hands on and figure out the dosing for a generic children's Benedryl.

Today is the first day she seems almost back to herself.  She had been complaining of muscle aches and pains and still can't do a cartwheel but she is eating normally (and dancing.)  I'm so happy and relieved that she's better but I can't believe the timing of this whole thing.  She had been looking forward to this vacation for so long and then spent most of it sick.  :(


Julia said...

it is always nice to be home after long trip.
u have a loveley blog =))
can u please follow mine? i am new to this but trying hard :)

Souza Sisters said...

I'm so sorry Allie got sick. There is nothing worse than a sick child. Especially when you are so far from home. I hope she's 100% soon!!

Disney said...

Not sure exactly what her symptoms were or what they checked for but this kind of sounds like when I had Lyme disease and when a friends daughter had it as well. Hope she is feeling better soon!

Wendy said...

Oh no!! Poor Allie! I'm so sorry this trip wasn't much fun for her (or you). I hope she's feeling better soon :(

Lily said...

Ugh! Poor thing :(

Melissa said...

Poor girl. So glad to hear she is feeling better. Hope she was still able to enjoy part of the trip.

Hope's Mama said...

We just had a trip away where we all ended up sick. And miserable. I even ended up on antibiotics which never happens. Why when we were away? Why!!

Glad Allie is picking up.


Wendy said...

I'm really sorry that she ended up getting sick -- I hope she's feeling better and back to normal now. Good thing you realized the Advil was what was making her have an allergic reaction - so scary.

Hope she's on the mend!

Marion said...

Poor thing! We're headed to Disney here soon with our 15 month old twins and I am crossing my fingers for healthy babies. Hope Allie feels 100% better soon!