Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dance & Gymnastics


The girls are still very much into dance and gymnastics.  Their summer gymnastics class ended last week while dance ended a few weeks earlier.  Their last dance class took place during the week that Anna was sick.  She was feeling better (but not completely back to normal) and she so badly wanted to participate because they were allowing the parents (and grandparents, etc.) into the studio at the end of class to watch a dance.


They could wear princess dresses for this class which is why they are dressed the way they are.



In a few weeks, their kindergarten tap & ballet class will begin.  I have to tell you how much they practice dancing.  We have a DVD of all the performances that took place during their dance recital back in June.  There is a dance recital everyday in our house.  The girls dress up in dance costumes and follow the DVD. And don't forget to pause between each song for outfit changes.  "Do I need tap shoes or ballet for this one?"


Kindergarten gymnastics starts up in a few weeks as well.   Their "American Girl Dolls" are very into gymnastics as well.  Here is Allie's doll vaulting.



Erin said...

These pictures are absolutely gorgeous. Ive been reading for over 2 years now (im a nanny to triplets and found your blog) and rarely comment but just wanted to say I adore your blog.

I am sure you know this - but you lliterally have the cutest kids ever. Oh my gosh. Had trouble telling them apart in the first one but I think I have got it by looking at the second one. Anna, Em, and Allie?

Maydelin said...

they are too cute

Mama Meerkat said...

Dancing in the princess dresses is so cute.

My daughter loves ballerinas and dancing, but I've been a little concerned about trying a real class. Does Anna have much more trouble than her sisters? My daughter has spina bifida and can walk, but she does fall easily.

Miss Rachel said...

I think after 2+ years of reading (just like Erin, above!) I can finally tell them apart. I was so proud of myself - haha!

Lily said...

Love that Emily (I think!!) is wearing the dress you made her!!

Rebecca said...

I recently stumbled upon your blog, your girls are beautiful, like you haven't heard that before HA! I am a mom to twin girls, they are 6 1/2, gosh getting so big. I can only imagine what taking triplets out is like. My mom calls my girls the little celebrities, where ever we go, even more so when they were younger we were stopped. People asked SOOOO many questions. My girls don't look alike at all but people still recognize that they are twins. I have been following for a month or so now, I love seeing your posts! Great job on their dresses. I bought a sewing machine this past December, before that I had never touched one. Projects can be fun but I am horrible at pacing myself. I will stay up all night if I can finish something.


Sarah said...

Thanks, everyone! Yes - the picture is of Anna, Em and then Allie.

Mama Meerkat - Anna has some difficulties but she does what she can do. At this age, it really hasn't been a big deal at all.

Welcome, Rebecca!!