Thursday, September 6, 2012

Falmouth Road Race

Rich ran the Falmouth Road Race this year, just has he has for the past 87 years.  I've only run it once.  (wah, wah)  So for those of you unfamiliar with this race (probably most of you), let me explain the obstacles involved in arriving at the starting line.  All of the roads around the start are closed and runners are bused in from a school near Falmouth Center.  Okay, so this doesn't sound too bad.  What is a bit of a hassle is that the bussing occurs long before the start of the race so if the girls and I were to drive down with Rich, we would have a long wait.

We didn't want to have two cars down in Falmouth so we all drove together.  (Sometimes Rich hitches a ride with one of his brothers or other family members but not too many were running this year and it wasn't an option.)  There is a newish sponsor for the race and last year there were some bussing issues.  Mainly, they didn't have enough buses so bussing continued long after the scheduled time for the last bus and the race started late.  We left the house later than we wanted to this year and ran into rain and traffic when we hit Falmouth.


It all worked out in the end.  The lines for the buses were extremely long and it was pouring rain so Rich waited in the van for the lines to go down.  It miraculously stopped raining.  Rich left for the bus and the girls and I left to wait for the race to start and then for Rich to run by us.


The girls were very well behaved but I did mutter, "This may be the last year I bring you by myself," a few times.  The issue was that I had to park on a side street and walk down the street to watch the race.  Because we were early, the walk wasn't very far at all but when you have to drag three kids, four chairs, a soft cooler, a camera bag, and an umbrella through people (and dogs, which freaked Anna out), it's not close.  (Remember too that I have to assist Anna when walking in situations such as these.)  And then when someone needs something, I have to bring all of the kids (plus the camera bag) back to the van with me.


I survived. (wah, wah)

(The girls cheering out the back of the van while I packed up.)


Rich finished the race, which started late again this year, in under an hour!!  AND he raised a ton of money for the Spina Bifida Association.  After the race, we joined a party for all those who had run for the Spina Bifida Association and then we took off in search of a casual take-out restaurant.

(View from the party)


(Drive-by photography)


We drove in the direction against traffic and saw some beautiful sights but no place to eat.  Storm clouds were rolling in and we eventually stopped at an ice cream stand next to a fish market.  The girls ate some of my clam chowder and loved it.  They continue to try new foods, which makes me happy.

Well, I only have pictures of ice cream consumption, which apparently was very messy.




Another year, another successful Falmouth Road Race.  I'm always a bit sad sitting on the sidelines though.  Each year, I tell myself that I'll be running it the next year.  I may be in denial.  


Tina said...

Go Rich Go!
You guys are doing fantastic raising your girls. Regardless of whether you ever run that race or not, your girls will always ALWAYS be proud of you no matter what. :)

Amy said...

What cool rainboots! Why do girls get all the super cute clothes? I have a heck of a time finding nice/cute things for my boy.