Monday, April 30, 2012

Do you feel like a rock star?

We arrived at Chatham Bars Inn a bit before 3:00.  As I mentioned in my last post, check-in isn't until 4:00 but we attempted to check-in early anyway.  The hostess told us that our room wasn't ready but if we wanted to sit out on the veranda, she would come find us or she had our cell number if we decided to take a walk.  Based upon our observations of others on the veranda, we weren't the only ones waiting for our room.


It was nice and relaxing, although a bit chilly, at first.  Rich and I took in the view, chatted and gazed at the ocean without interruption.  I typically don't have much patience so after an hour, I was ready to move on.  I had brought a book with me but it was stuck in my overnight bag, which was with the bellhop.  Rich went and found my book for me and we warmed up in front of the fireplace.

There was some type of conference taking place and we foolishly thought that this was the reason for the check-in delay.  We never once saw the hostess seek out any guests to tell them that their rooms were ready.  Finally, at 4:25, Rich inquired as to the status of our room and was given keys, etc. as if the hostess had been waiting for us.  I know it's difficult to keep customers/guests happy but don't tell me that you will find me when my room is ready if you have no intention of doing so.  I would rather be told to come back at 4:00.  I'm sure she did it as a way to prevent someone from checking with her every 5 minutes but I honestly expected better from this place.

Aside from the seating arrangements at dinner, the above was my only complaint about service.  Everyone was very pleasant and attentive.  I'm usually pretty laid back because I understand how hard guest services can be but this is a 5 star resort (and not inexpensive) so I was expecting rock star service.

Our room.



View from our balcony.



We had some time before our dining reservation so we took a walk to the private beach across the street.



We had two options for dinner - the Main Dining Room or The Tavern.  We chose The Tavern because it isn't as formal as the Main Dining Room and we were very happy with our meal there last year.  Both share the same kitchen so it really comes down to how formal you want to be.  We had made a reservation so I was a bit surprised when we were seated at a tiny table in the bar section of the restaurant when 98% of the normal sized tables in the other area of the restaurant were empty.  It was one of those tables too where you basically feel like you are sharing a meal with your neighbors.  (They were a nice, older couple but still.)

The food was superb.  We both had clam chowder and then shared mini lobster sliders and a pizza.  Unfortunately, the food baby in my belly left no room for dessert.



Evening view from our room.


Morning view.


View as I blow dried my hair.


The Tavern is not open for breakfast so we dined in the Main Dining Room.  I order the all american breakfast and Rich ordered chocolate chip pancakes.  We split the meals in half so that we both had more of a selection.


These were, by far, the most delicious chocolate chip pancakes I have ever eaten.


We hit the road shortly after breakfast.  Rain had moved in and we had quite a bit of driving to do in order to pick the girls up before heading home.  Traffic came to a halt at exit 2 before the Sagamore Bridge.  It took us 90 minutes to get over the bridge.  I took a nap.  The inn was fairly quiet for an inn but I am a very light sleeper (sometimes it's a curse) and I did not sleep well.  It had been a bit stuffy in our room so we had decided to sleep with a window cracked open.  Unfortunately, a metal piece on the rope to the flag pole kept clanging against the flag pole.  Rich said he couldn't hear it.  I don't know how he could not hear CLANG, CLANG every two minutes.  I finally shut the window at 1:00 in the morning and turned the air conditioner on.

Grammy reported that the girls were very well behaved but for some reason Anna had not fallen asleep until 10:45ish.  She had been acting a bit odd before we dropped them off and although she was excited to spend time with Grammy and Papa, I think she was hiding her emotions regarding being away from us for a day and night.  Halfway home, I glanced into the back of the van and she was passed out.  I called out her name to wake her and she didn't move a muscle.  Rich suggested that we allow her to sleep.  Allie was next.


And then Em.


I know Anna would be pissed if I posted a picture of her sleeping so I'm not.

I loved our special time away.  And I loved seeing my girls again after a 27 hour absence.  Rich and I hope to return to the Cape beaches with the girls to soak up the salty sea air as soon as summer (really) begins.


Wendy said...

Glad you had a good trip! I don't really eat sea food, but your lobstah (hehe) sandwich looks good.

Tara said...

I just came across your blog (via top baby blogs!) and love reading it. Your writing is fantastic, honest, and your pictures are great too!

Tasha said...

I love that you didn't post Anna's pic. For now I will continue to pretend my 22 month old daughter doesn't care. I am positive her twin brother doesn't, but she will have to live with it until she can speak, in sentences.

Tasha said...
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