Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Cape

Rich and I both have somewhat of a sentimental attachment to Cape Cod.  (If you live around here though, you simply call it the Cape.  "We're going to the Cape."  "They rented a house on the Cape.")  It most likely stems from the fact that we both spent many childhood summer days on its beaches with our families.  So when it comes to getting away for a night, we would both rather head to the Cape versus Boston.

We were unable to schedule a getaway during the colder months but after receiving another "save 25%" offer from Chatham Bars Inn, we searched the calendar for a free weekend and found one wedged between birthday parties and dentist appointments.  Grammy and Papa graciously offered to watch the girls for us and we decided that it may be easier if we drop the girls off at their beach house (a Boston suburban beach, not the Cape).


Much to our delight, the unseasonably warm weather had decided to stick around for one more day.  Although, the sky was overcast and fogged rolled around that morning.  We dropped the girls off around 10:30 and then started on the second leg of our trip.  Check-in at Chatham Bars Inn is 4:00 (that's super late in my book) so we planned to stop in Hyannis for lunch.  Eating out at a restaurant was a treat when I was growing up (same for Rich) and sometimes on our way home from an afternoon at the beach, we would stop to eat at Baxter's on the Hyannis waterfront.

Baxter's is a counter service restaurant so I opted for the children's fish (haddock) and chips (at $8.99).  I hate wasting food and this was plenty for me.


A clam roll for Rich.  (About $15.99)


Very yummy, super fresh seafood.

This was our view as we enjoyed our lunch and some alone time.



On our way back to the car, I spotted another scenic area next to the restaurant so we walked over there for photos.  As a parent, I don't often have the opportunity to take the time to do this.


Because we were still very early for check-in, we drove past Chatham to Nauset Beach in Orleans.


It was extremely windy but that didn't affect our walk up the beach.  The walk back almost did me in though.  The day before, I went for what was supposed to be an ease-back-into-it run after a three week  break due to being sick.  I only ran two miles but I did so faster than I intended to (10:15 for the first mile and 10:00 for the second mile) so my legs were a bit sore and walking into a headwind through sand with aching muscles was not easy.

(I've been so discouraged with running as of late.  Rich and I were talking about athleticism and genetics and I had to have known this for years and years but it finally really hit me that I'm never going to run faster than I do now.  Turning 39 last month may have something to do with this realization.  Even when I was running 5 times a week with a 10 mile long run and working out with a personal trainer, I could only build up so much muscle and my hamstrings have always been a joke for a runner.)

We headed over to Chatham after our walk and stopped first at the Chatham Pier Fish Market, which wasn't open for the season but we were able to watch some fishing boats unload their catch and take in the scenery.


Next stop - Chatham Bars Inn


Rhonda said...

fabulous photos!! One question; why were no dogs or kites allowed past that point? I can't read the photo...

Lily said...

I LOVE the second from the bottom!!! Belongs in a gallery!!!

Sarah said...

Thank you. The rest of the sign reads "threatened birds nesting."

Melanie said...

Hi Sarah! I love all of your picture of Cape Cod- looks like a great place. My family (of 8!) is looking into taking a summer vacation in New England, possibly to Boston or the Cape Cod area. Do have any good ideas of a nice, not very expensive area to vacation? We've never been to that area before, so it is hard to tell on rental sites what is suburbs and what is a true vacation spot. Thanks- my email is

Belinda said...

Hi Sarah,

Where did you get those cute beach bags?


Jessica said...

Amazing pictures, they always make me want to look more into photography! I'm addicted to your blog!


renee said...

Love Nauset Beach. Congrats on getting away.

Natalia said...

Are you sure those weren't just postcards? So beautiful.

Sarah said...

Thank you!

Belinda - my mom gave the girls those bags for Xmas. Not sure where she ordered them from. They make great overnight/weekend bags.

Melanie - Well, unless you stay in Boston or right outside of it, you will be in the suburbs. The Cape is the Cape though. There are plenty of houses for rent and so many great beaches. It really comes down to how far away do you want to be from the beach.

Anonymous said...

I love those bags....would really like to order for my grandchildren if you can tell us where they are from!

Anonymous said...

Noticed that a couple of you like the bags that I gave the girls. I ordered them from Lillian Vernon. I need to order one more for my youngest granddaughter, too. They have one or two designs for a boy.
Grammy (a.k.a. Sarah's Mom)

Gretch said...

I love the girls bags and your shoes! I'm always in search of cute, but comfy shoes since my default would be tennis shoes given half a chance. :) I may have to do some Lillian Vernon shopping for my trio as well. Thanks for the inspiration!