Friday, April 27, 2012

The feeding zoo

Definition -  a petting zoo, where no one pets the animals.

The weather last Friday was absolutely beautiful.  Unseasonably beautiful.  Mid-70s with warm sunny skies.  Rich and I decided to do something as a family seeing as we would be leaving the next morning to spend a night away.  I needed to run a few loads of laundry because some people were out of clean underwear and empty overnight bags were waiting to be filled.

So in the morning, I cleaned bathrooms and took care of the laundry and then somehow Allie managed to finagle lunch out at a restaurant.  There was restaurant drama.  The A Team wanted to eat at Wendy's.  I suggested Papa Gino's as a healthier option. Em was the only one who agreed and then we really couldn't go to Wendy's because there were no parking spaces.  Oh, the screaming and tears.

Thankfully, as things go with kids, it didn't last long.  Except Anna was in a funk.  As it turns out, she didn't eat much for breakfast and hadn't asked for a morning snack like Em and Allie had so basically my poor baby was starving.  I felt bad after Rich and I put 2 and 2 together and realized how hungry she  must have been.  She calmed down after food hit her belly.

Unfortunately, because of the nice weather combined with school vacation week, the petting zoo was, quite literally, a zoo.  The grounds were littered with carrots and apples and the animals weren't as eager to feed out of little hands.  But we had fun.

Photos of the day...


This was Em before we left the house.  I could do a blog post entitled Pictures of my kids crying.  This was over seating arrangements in the van and she stopped crying when I came up with a solution.  I only post these because it was over something ridiculous and she laughs over the photos after the fact.


Anna happy to be eating.












"No, boy.  No!  I'm not a carrot!"



KatelynMade said...

LOL I'd define "the feeding zoo" as my office lunchroom at lunchtime.
I remember going to a feeding zoo when I was young - we LOVED it. One of my best memories :-)

Becca said...

Such great photos! I remember going to petting zoos and once we went to an ostrich farm and fed the ostriches and deer. Such great memories!

Maydelin said...

sweet girls!!

Chantel said...

I hate pictures of my kids crying too. One of my favorite pictures my mom took is of me SCREAMING, red faced, snotty nose and my dad holding me, grinning ear to ear. I was about 3 or 4. On the back she wrote "Chantel Mad". Still makes me laugh.

Cute pictures, love the huge grins feeding the animals!

Chantel said...

(oops, not HATE, HAVE pictures! Sorry!)

Julia said...

Can`t believe how adorable these pictures are, laughing or crying!

Among my cutest baby pics are a couple where my Grandpa is holding me (at 1 yo) and in the first I am doing this pout and in the second the mouth is full open, crying. My mom is by the side, making baby-cooing faces to try to make me stop, and Grandpa is smiling broadly. Full story told :)