Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Last week's 20%

Rich and I were both home last Friday.  Again.  We seem to have quickly established a routine of dropping the girls off to school before sneaking in a breakfast date.


As Rich reminded me, who knows how long this will last.  It's not very often that we are home together on a weekday and inevitably, at some point in the future, it will change so we need to take advantage of it while we can.

The girls outgrew their sneakers back in the fall or early winter.  Although, Anna has still been cramming her feet in hers and she doesn't complain.  We survived the winter without because, well, it's the winter and they don't really need sneakers.  They had been asking for "light up" sneakers and so we decided to hit up the outlet mall.



Our first stop was Gymboree, where bathing suits were on sale for $9.99.  The girls fit into size 4T bathing suits now.  (Although, when Allie tried hers on at home, the sides up top were big.  I may return it.)  I also found 1 pair of shorts on clearance in size 4T.  There were hardly any 4T items left in the store.  We then checked out a "Mommy and Daddy" store.  7 For All Mankind.  The last pair of jeans I purchased was for $10 from the clearance rack located at the back of the Gap outlet store.  They were too long so I chopped the bottoms off and they have now frayed into semi-floods.  I managed to find a pair of new jeans for $50 and they were the softest, most comfortable pair of jeans I have ever tried on so I bought them.  Unfortunately, I am not 6 feet tall so I need to remove 8 inches or so from the bottom.

We found "light up" sneakers (aka Twinkle Toes) at Skechers.  Buy one get 50% off the second but not the third.  So much more than I ever wanted to pay for sneakers.  Ack!  But the girls are wearing them and love them and now I don't have to answer phone calls at work asking what shoes they can wear to the playground.



The girls needed new spring/fall jackets to replace their old ones, which were size, ahem, 24 months. After our ice cream stop, I took off for OshKosh with Allie and Em while Rich paid the bill with Anna, who was still eating. We struck gold.  Spring/fall jackets were 70% off and were $18 each.  Rain boots were 50% off, which was not a huge bargain but cheaper than the ones at Target.

OshKosh is my new favorite store.  The clothes at Gymboree are so freaking cute but they are so wide and my kids are super skinny.  OshKosh clothes seem much thinner and fit better.  It took so much willpower to not buy anything other than the coats and boots.  The girls asked for some items too.  In little, sweet voices that melt your heart and make you want to buy whatever their hearts desire.  "Mommy, can you please buy me that sundress?"  Walk away from the clothes.  WALK AWAY FROM THE CLOTHES.

Oh, yeah.  Ice cream stop.




Anna ordered a kid's size peanut butter cup Friend-z.  It took her almost two hours (not all at the restaurant) but she ate the entire thing.  Allie inhaled her sundae.  As Rich says, "Allie loves her ice cream."  Like mother, like daughter.  

Oh, yeah.  Spring is here.



Danielle said...

I think it is amusing that you buy sketchers for your coming spring/summer, when I buy sketchers for our coming autumn/winter! My kid's just lived in thongs (flip flops? I know what we call thongs compared to what you call thongs...don't get the wrong idea! Ha ha) for our summer just passed, so I too ventured out last week to buy sketchers for my three girls. I bought them last year, and was told by the shoe shop they are "soooo much cheaper" this year, bescause our Aussie dollar is so much stronger against yours than last year. Yeah. Sure. Last year, I bought each pair for $69.95, with a deal of buy one get the second half price...like you I had to buy three. This year, with our "strong Aussie dollar"? each pair STILL $69.95, but buy two get the third free. Now our dollar is higher than the American dollar, so I am sure I just made you feel a whole lot better about how much you paid for sketchers! One of my girls has the same silver ones....did you get them all the same, or different pairs?

Jessica said...

High five for clearence shoppers! I live on the 50% off and up racks, I get more bang for my buck!! Happy shopping!


Wiley said...

I need a friendlie's. That is all. It's probably been a decade since I've had any at all!

And yeah to new clothes. I have a tendency to make my kids wear tents out of fear they'll outgrow new clothes quickly.

Julia said...

I have the same problem with Gymboree. My girls are above 90th percentile tall, but lean, so everything swims on them. They are wearing size 4 Oshkosh/Carters though they won't be 4 until the end of October. Even then, the waists are often too large. They still wear shorts that used to be leggings in their first months.

I too have just bought sneakers for our winter, like Danielle! Got black bootie Converses, cause our playgrounds are dirty and we do farm adventures and horseriding sometimes, so though they would loooove the pink bubbly fancy kind, we agreed to get dark ones. It was a fun whole-morning adventure downtown in semi-rain. Lots of walking and getting them well tired ;)

JEN said...

Yes, yes about Gymboree! We've had three pairs of the light up sketchers and worn them into the ground. I like they go with skirts ok and casual wear too. Make sure to go out after dark to see the lights.

Becca said...

Yay for bargain shopping! I refuse to pay full price for anything! My husband gets so annoyed but in the end he appreciates it!


Michelle said...

That is a great deal for the Twinkle Toes. I have to get new ones for my girls. I love sneakers in the Summer as all the running and playing it is safer for the toes!!

Masha said...

I don't have multiples (well, I have girls 1 year apart), but my kids are very thin as well (they are also quite tall). I have been sewing a lot of their clothes. I really like the kids' patterns from Oliver + S and have been making things in 24 month sizes with 4T length for my 2.5-year-old. Since you love to sew, you might want to check out these patterns. They are adorable!

Anonymous said...

I hated the toddler sizing at gymboree b/c the shirts were always too short and too wide, but we have better luck in the 'big girls' section which goes down to size 3. Much longer and leaner!

Jayme said...

My boys just got light up sneakers too!