Saturday, March 10, 2012

Where in the world is Elmo?

If Elmo cannot be located at bedtime, we are all in trouble. Last Friday afternoon, Elmo went missing. The girls had played in the basement while I ran on the treadmill and Elmo had been down there with us. After I ran, we all went up to the second floor of the house so that I could shower.

Shortly thereafter, as the girls were eating dinner, Allie began asking for Elmo. When she can't find him, she wanders around the house whining, "Elmo. Elmo," or "Elmy. Elmy." I quickly looked in the basement but couldn't find him. Because he usually just shows up and Allie had moved on to something else, I gave up the search.

By bedtime, he was still missing. I started looking in the bedrooms. Allie's room was first. I searched through every drawer, under the bed, in the closet, etc. I also picked up the games and puzzles the girls had played with while I showered. Allie had discarded one of her socks and I kept thinking it was odd that I couldn't find the other sock.

I hit the jackpot in Em's room when I straightened out the covers on her bed.


Elmo and the missing sock.


For some reason, this amused me. What was even more "amusing" (or baffling, really) is that Allie had done this herself but apparently couldn't remember doing so when he was missing. She can rattle off details of events from over a year ago but can't remember placing a sock mask on her most beloved and shoving him into the blankets on Em's bed.





Elmo fresh from his (pretend) bath a few nights ago.



Carolyn said...

Ha! That is too funny! And that looks like a very well loved Elmo doll! :)

P.S. Have you seen Being Elmo? It's WONDERFUL!! (made me cry a few times)

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

There's no bedtime drama associated with this, but it's driving me BATTY not to be able to find a puzzle piece over the past couple of days! I saw when one of the girls dropped it, carrying it from the living room to the den, and I thought it had been picked up...guess not. I imagine it's probably under a piece of furniture, but I can't quite see it. Grrr.

Colleen said...

Ha, that's cute. :) Bedtime would not happen here without Seal the Sea Lion. But finding one random sock would not seem odd to me in the least. :)

Sarah said...

Haven't seen Being Elmo but heard others say that it is good. Now I need to check it out.