Thursday, March 29, 2012

Disney photography AND A VIDEO and some camera talk

Okay, so I'll post the video stuff first in case you have no interest in anything photography or Disney related. You have to go to Rich's blog (I know, I know - so hard to click on a link.)

I have been terrible at responding to emails. TERRIBLE. I received the following question in an email from Melissa and I thought that others may be interested so here it goes.

"I'm wondering if you have any photography tips for Disney...what lenses would be most useful, any accessories that are especially helpful, etc. I have a Nikon D80, 50mm f/1.8, Tamron 28-75 f/2.8, and a kit lens w/ variable aperture that I don't use very much. I'm planning to buy a Speedlight in the next few months. I'm thinking about renting any other lenses I might need."

Okay, you are off to a great start with the 50mm and the Tamron. You could go on vacation to Disney with those two lenses and be fine. I actually think I only used my 35mm lens when we went. (I didn't have my wide angle lens at the time.)

As for renting lenses, I personally would go with a wide angle or a faster prime. Here are some suggestions:
If you are going to be photographing fireworks, you will need your tripod. The one positive to having kids in strollers is the ability to throw your gear into the storage baskets. That being said, I would seriously consider the possibility of really photographing fireworks with little ones. I've decided that I'm not even going to make the attempt this year so I won't be lugging my tripod (or Rich's hockey bag or golf bag) with us.

You should consider what you will use to carry around your camera, lenses and/or Speedlight. I have a Jo Totes Rose and while it's a nice bag, my broken back was even more broken by the end of that trip. Even after I shoved it in the stroller basket whenever I could. I'm looking into purchasing a Lowepro backpack for longer outings. The Jo Totes is good as a purse type camera bag but not a lug your camera and some lenses around for the day type of bag.

If you are interested in Disney photography, be sure to check out Disney Tourist Blog. Amazing photographs. He frequently photographs with a wide angle and a fish eye.

There's also the Disney Photography Blog.

I hope this helps!

Now I'm going to answer Laura's questions from yesterday's comments:

"I was wondering what type of camera you have? Right now I only have a little cheap one, but I'm planning on saving up for one like yours (well, the same sort of quality.) It would probably take me a while, though, because I am still at school and don't have an incredibly well-paying job, so I was wondering what sort of price they are?
Sorry for all the questions, but I just totally LOVE your pics! (AND your girls!!)"

First off, thank you for the compliments! I shoot with a Nikon D7000, which costs $1,200 new. So, yeah, not a camera a beginner would want to purchase unless said beginner has excess cash. I really only know Nikons but you can't wrong with either a Nikon or a Canon. There are other brands that are good too but I've heard that you will be more limited when it comes to lenses.

Because I only know Nikon, I would recommend a D5100 for beginners. If you want to save a few bucks, try to find a used one from a reputable dealer. There are many folks out there who upgrade quickly. (I just found a D5100 refurbished body on B&H's website for $540 - to give you an idea of price.)

Have a good night, everyone!


Melissa said...

hah... The video was adorable. I love that Emily used the glass on the cabinet door to show herself as Princess Emily.

Laura said...
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Alexandra Rose said...

Video is so cute. "This is prince daddy, and this is his face" haha. Love it.

Cindy said...

That whole video was too stinkin' cute. I love life from our little one's eyes - such a different view of the world.

mel @ the larson lingo said...

Your girls are so cute! Found you via Kelly. My friend had spontaneous triplets 2 years ago also. Looking forward to following along!

Esther said...

For Laura, I have a Canon T2i and I love it. My husband actually got it refurbished through Canon and I haven't had a single problem with it. They come with a warranty also. Biggest recommendation is go play with them at a store and find which one feels good to you.

Laura said...

i found your blog from Kellys Korner! Love it! great pictures! Seems so fun at your house! I have twin girls and an 8 month old girl so I know its crazy, but I like to make crazy work for us by going with it! Thanks for the awesome blog, its going to be a go to of mine for sure!

Laura said...

Thanks Sarah. I guess those types of cameras are (hopefully!) sold in New Zealand (where I live). I'll try to get one... though you're right, it would have to depend on the price!

P.S. That video was adorable! I love how she says, "And this is beautiful Princess Emily" and films her reflection (where pretty much all you can see is the camera, LOL).

Anyway, thanks


Laura said...

By the way, thanks Esther, but again I live in NZ so hope they will still have the same types and everything! I think I will go and test some out, though. Some cameras you can tell just feel so right!

Melissa said...

Thanks so much for the advice. It really does help!