Friday, March 30, 2012


I whipped up Allie's Easter skirt this afternoon. I wanted to jazz it up a bit but this was what she wanted. I spent some time last weekend cutting out fabric for her skirt and Anna's skirt. Grammy has been helping me out - she made a peasant shirt for Em to wear under her dress and a shirt for Anna. She didn't know that I had cut out fabric for Anna's skirt and sewed a skirt to match Anna's shirt. (Anna's being Anna so who knows if she'll wear them on Easter.)


I have plans tonight so the rest of the photos will have to wait until later this weekend. I tried to fire off some quick photos of Allie actually wearing the skirt. I should have known better...

(Anna and I discussed designs for a summer dress earlier today in my sew shop. Hopefully, she doesn't change her mind. I feel bad that I didn't sew any of her Easter clothes. Although, she doesn't know that. We didn't tell her who made the Easter clothes.)


Telisha Garris said...

Love the skirt!

Long time follower (barely ever comment sorry)
I have a strange question when you were preggers with them did you feel 3 months along in the first month?
Still waiting for my pregnancy test but I swear this pregnancy is moving along way to fast!?
If I don't get a positive soon I will be visiting the doctor.

Leanne said...


What a FANTASTIC family!!!

I found you through Kelly's Korner...your link looked like the most interesting one! I've always had a fascination with multiples...

If you want, in your spare time (HA) you can come "visit" me at

Anonymous said...

Wow! Love the trim at the bottom!

-Lily who is too lazy to log into her account

Sarah said...

Thank you!!!