Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The reason your kids are sick all the time once they start school and other randoms

Here's the conversation Allie and I had one night last week:

Allie - "At school today, yesterday - this happened yesterday, Claire told me at school today -yesterday, at home, she threw up. She was afraid she was going to throw up at school so Miss C took her and the trash can down to Nurse D."

Me - "Did she throw up in the trash can?"

Allie - "No, in case she haded to throw up. And then when we went to the bathroom, Miss B said that Claire was packing up her stuff to go home."

A short time later, we read our bedtime books. Someone had picked out the story of Baby Jesus. I had just finished reading the page where Joseph was seeking shelter. I turned the page and then Emily turned it back and pointed to a man in the drawing.

Emily - "Is that him seeking shelter?"

She was obviously listening to exactly what I was reading.

And then on the last page was a drawing of Baby Jesus as a toddler wearing what looked like a dress.

Allie - "Is that a boy or a girl?"

Me - "A boy."

Allie - "Why is he wearing a dress?"

Me - "It isn't a dress. Boys used to wear those in the olden days."

Anna - "NO. They didn't."

Allie - "Okay, Anna. "They didn't."

Sometimes Anna, in a state of grump, will disagree with the most random items. When she does this, we simply agree with her so as not to cause a huge uproar. I thought it was funny how Allie responded.

And the cute quote from that night came from Em.

"I love you and Daddy how big a mountain is."

Random photos:

(Emily and Allie)




Long hair


As for Valentine's Day, Rich and I don't really do anything special or exchange gifts. Sometimes we do cards. Or if we happen to go out to lunch, dinner or away in the month of February, we say that it's for Valentine's Day. So here's what I said to Rich this year - "Happy Valentine's Day! You get what you get and you don't get upset."

Okay, here's the deal with voting. Sometimes I forget to post the link. Sometimes I remember to but don't because I don't want to annoy people. I like having my blog listed and truly appreciate those of you who vote. Thank you!

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Kari said...

I know that I "love to vote" for you! It only takes minute! I enjoy all of your posts, and LOVE your girls... Please keep it up!

Just the Tip said...

If you post the link, i'll probably make it a habit to click after reading because I <3 you!

I think my blog was removed, lol probably for profanity (what..me? NEVER!)

I love how Allie responded to Anna!

Ashlee said...

Post the link!

I try to remember to scroll down when it isn't there but sometimes I forget...

love Allie's response to Anna :)

Tara said...

post the link! Ithink its definitely different when you dedicate a whole post to it CONSTANTLY verses

Anonymous said...

I wasn't sure if i should have left my reply comment on the post i did originally, so i'll just write it here. Great news. I was able to get all of my pictures off, and my teacher was able to pull the SD card out with a pair of pliers..yeah..pliers. Thanks for the advice, I would have forgotten about the cord i had that came with my camera to get them off the card if you didn't give me it. c:

Kelly-Marie said...

I love you daddy, how big a mountain is that is so precious. If I ever hear stuff like that from Josh I will probaly cry with love lol

wethreelyons said...

I love that quote! I found your blog b/c my sister in law is on top baby blogs too. I hope you don't mind me reading and your stories make me smile! Thanks for sharing!