Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dear Emily

(This is for you to read when you are 16, or 19, or perhaps when you have children of your own.)

Do you remember when you were four years old and Daddy was trying to finish up his MBA as quickly as possible while continuing to work full time? It wasn't easy for us as a family but its the reason why Mommy retired early {will it not come true if I type it?} and why you (or we) don't have to worry about student loans.

On nights that Daddy had to go over to school directly from work, Grammy would either pack up you and your sisters into the van and pick me up at the train station or I would walk home. Because that was a long walk, Grammy more often than not picked me up. When you were four years old, you and Allie could climb in and out of the van all by yourselves and walk up and down the stairs from the garage to the house. That was such a big help for Mommy, Daddy and Grammy.

You probably don't remember this one particular evening which is why I typed this out. It was cold and dark when you all picked me up from the train station. Anna had been sick that week and so I planned to carry her from the van to the house. You climbed out of the van and stood in the garage crying, "Mommy! Carry!" while stomping your feet on the cement floor.

After depositing Anna into the house, I returned with my camera and took a picture of you. I told you that I was doing so because years and years from now, we would all forget and I wanted you to see that sometimes you were difficult.


I did carry you into the house and five minutes later we both laughed at your silliness.


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The Swanbergs said...

This is awesome!

aimee jones said...

That may be difficult, but that is also CUTE!!!

Andrea said...
Your little Anna can and will do anything she wants.

Julia said...

Hahahaha, that is cute! They throw tantrums all the time here, but HATE it if I try to take pictures or film, so much that I use the technique when they won't stop whining and I can't stand it near me anymore (because OF COURSE whining is not enough, it must be done by your side no matter if nothing you do helps at all.) Just grabbing the camera sends them running away and I can have a minute of....peace?

Cindy said...

Love, love, love this - it'll be funny for Emily to see it in years to come.
I am "guilty" of taking pics of my kids in their more trying moments. I have millions of happy, smiling pictures, but the crying, screaming, foot stomping ones make me giggle when I come upon them.

Wiley said...

Love this!

Lily said...

Soooo funny!!!
By the way, I love your pictures....they capture childhood's ugly, pretty, and always adorable moments!

Kelli said...

This is great!!