Thursday, February 16, 2012

A super fantastic birthday present and stuff around the house

Before becoming a mom, I heard stories of "mommy brain" and thought that it would never happen to me. I wasn't ever forgetful. I had common sense. How would becoming a parent change that?

Trust me. It does.

Part of it is sleep deprivation. In my case, sleep deprivation x 3. Part of it is distraction. Part of it cannot be explained.


I know I blogged about this when it happened but I'm too lazy to go back and find the original post. Not this past summer but the summer before, I heard a blurb on the news one night about bats flying around Fenway Park. The next morning, I glanced at another commuter's newspaper on the train and read the same thing. Bats flying around Fenway Park.

For an entire week, I thought that there were bats, as in flying rodents, living in Fenway Park. I just couldn't figure out how that was possible. Yeah, so it turns out that a player had thrown a baseball bat.

And then a few weekends ago, I opened the trash can, while cleaning up the kitchen, and spotted a dishtowel. "Rich, why did you throw out this dishtowel? {pause} Did you throw out this dishtowel?"

No. Apparently, I had thrown it out a few minutes earlier.

Here and there, when I can squeeze in a few minutes, I've been trying to organize my sewing nook. I wanted to have my fabrics rolled onto something so that I could stand them upright. I know that you can buy special boards specifically for this but the ones that I came across last year were expensive. I had also seen a few sewers online talk about "comic book boards" but I had no idea what they were talking about. I thought it was a nickname for fabric boards, especially after one sewer said that she just cut cardboard because it was much cheaper than comic book boards.

Much to Rich's delight, I was hoarding cardboard and hiding it from the girls, who like to play with the boxes Anna's cath kits are delivered in. I started cutting boards for my fabric and it was TORTURE. Cutting cardboard to a specific size is not easy and was sucking up so much time. I made it this far and had basically given up:


(The top shelf is my tulle.)

Last night, I found a wrapped present with my name on it. Grammy told me that it was an early birthday present. "I don't need any birthday presents, Mom. You didn't have to get me anything." (Well, I actually do need a new pair of house slippers. I'm like an old man wearing slippers that are falling apart. Per Rich.) I thought the gift was books.

But no, I unwrapped these:


So apparently, there are people who collect comic books and buy boards and dividers in order to store their comic books and why I couldn't figure this out is beyond me. Grammy and I are on the same sewing boards online and she was able to piece it all together. I am so EXCITED and this is the best present ever.

These are not expensive at all. 100 boards, which are really thick cardstock, cost $10. The dividers are thicker and not paper - $18 for 25. Okay, so if you have a ton of fabric and you decide to use the dividers, it could add up but the boards are definitely budget friendly.

And in the spirit of reorganizing our home, we made some changes to our hallway. The first floor of our house has two closets - a single door and a double door. We converted the double door one from a coat closet into a pantry when we moved in because there aren't a ton of kitchen cabinets and I have no idea where the previous owners stored their food. That left us with the single closet, which is full. Here's a picture of our hall. As it was.


We really wanted a spot where the girls could walk in and hang up their coats and bags. We found some open wooden cubbies and not only are they expensive, but that hall is narrow and we were a bit limited it what would fit there. We decided to go the cheap route and simply hang up two rows of hooks where that table stood.


It's not pretty but it serves a purpose. I gave up on having a Pottery Barn home years ago. Right now, it is what it is.

I'm only 25 votes from #1!


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Tina said...

We have an older home that was built during WW2, and apparently at that time nobody thought you needed closets. We have a teeny tiny one in our bedroom, a half-closet in our girls' room, and a single closet in the mud room (which was an extension). I run a home daycare so we always have TONS of clothes/shoes/etc all over the place. Although we already have some hooks, we recently got one of those benches that doubles as a storage bench and we absolutely love it! It's so helpful if we have somebody dropping by and need to tidy up quickly... just dump everything in and close it and voila! Tidy!

Kate said...

Just put you over the top... you're in the #1 spot now :-)

Aris said...

You're #1!

Heather Sullivan said...

I love when you can find cheaper options that work just as well. :) And your hall way looks great! There is a lot to be said for things that serve a purpose.

Farah said...

I think your hardwood floors are beautiful! Your house actually looks GREAT for having three little ones.

Cindy said...

Woot - #1!!!! Well deserved.

The coat rack is perfect - we have this too. Now if I could just get the girls to hang their coats up instead of dropping them on the floor without me having to remind them, I'd be set.

Carolyn said...

Hi - I'd love to know what some of your favorite sewing forums are. I just started sewing and would love to see what others are chatting about! :)


Chic Homeschool Mama said...

I love all your organizing. I am a nut about that stuff. Having a shelf like that wold be great for all my sewing stuff. Right now I have it tucked away in various places. I would love to stick it all together.

Stephanie from Wisconsin said...

You're number ONE now :) I love your blog and have followed it for sometime. Your entries and entertaining and heart-felt. And your girls are beautiful. Keep bloggin' :)

Sarah said...

Thank you all for your votes!!!!!!!!!

Tina - I think those storage benches are awesome. I wish we had gotten one for our living room. Our first home was built in the 1800s and had no closets on the first floor -eek.

Farah - our house was only a few years old when we bought it so the floors aren't that old. Plus, I think girls don't play as rough as boys.

Cindy - they still their drop their coats on the floor and have to be reminded to hang them up.

Carolyn - my favorite sewing board is on the disboards. Don't worry if you don't like Disney - they sew all types of stuff and are very knowledgable when it comes to sewing machines, etc. If you follow the link at the very bottom of my blog (Disboards). Once there, go to "Disney for Families" - look for a thread called "Disboutiquers" It will be within the first 20 threads.

Carolyn said...

Thank you so much for the info! Happy Birthday! :)

Victoriaaa said...

Congratulations on number one :)

I always think of it as.. this is my home,you can that kids live here as theres stuff piled around, finger prints on the glass and footprints on the floor.. but if you dont like it, dont visit.. because its their home too!