Monday, February 13, 2012

The weekend

I know. SO exciting.

Snowfall was predicted for our area on Saturday. We awoke to the sight of flurries and a dusting that quickly disappeared. It continued to snow throughout the day but it was apparently too warm for any of it to stick. The girls were not pleased because they wanted to play in snow.

We've been trying to make it to the outlet mall these past few weekends but it obviously hasn't worked out. With the girls feeling better, we decided to get out of the house. Our first stop was the library, where Rich ran in to return some books and DVDs. We then stopped by a local frame shop to drop off a photo to be framed. And then we headed off to the mall.

(Anna - no pics!)




I desperately need work clothes but shopping with the girls isn't very easy. We all went into Banana Republic and there were so many suits and work appropriate clothing with great prices but I have to try on everything now and I didn't want to push my luck or have to rush so I left empty handed. {sob}

(Allie trying on sunglasses at OshKosh.)


(We brought the strollers so the girls could ride.)

I'm not really expecting to have to buy the girls much of anything for this spring/summer. Most of their clothes from last year will still fit (although I will have to check the length on a few dresses) and I have a few dresses that I bought ahead a long time ago. I did want to look for t-shirts and or tank tops that I could make into dresses though. I've seen a few dresses on etsy that I'm going to copy (or should I say 'that have inspired me.')

So if you shop at The Childrens Place outlet store, you'll be sad to hear that they are changing their couponing. That has been the one kids' clothing store that has the easiest couponing, in my opinion. If you have a 15% off coupon, it's good on everything. I've gone into their outlet, picked up items for $2.99 on obvious clearance and been able to use whatever coupon without issue. I don't have very many store credit cards but that is one that I do have and so I receive another 10% off everything.

We stopped there on Saturday and I picked up a few tank tops to make dresses out of. They were marked down to $6 each from $7.50. So not a great deal but I also had a 15% coupon and my 10% off if I use the store credit card. A sales person had also handed us a 10% off coupon when we walked in the door but I couldn't use that with the 15% off one. As I was checking out, I handed the sales person my 15% coupon. She looked at slighly confused, flipped it over to read the fine print and then told me I couldn't use it there. Excusemewhat?

Supposedly, they JUST changed their couponing (just this past week!) and the outlets are separate from the regular stores. They will have separate coupons now too. I find this sort of laughable considering that almost everything in there can be purchased from a regular store. If you're going to be an outlet, be an outlet.



We found a Friendly's that hasn't been shut down!

(Allie and Anna)




I felt so bad when it came time to order dessert. Anna had decided at the beginning of the meal that she wanted a peanut butter cup Friend-z. I was happy that she was eating again so she could have ordered anything and I would have allowed it. Well, the Friend-Z machine was broken and Anna was crying. Finally, the waitress told me that she would soften the ice cream in the microwave and mix in the peanut butter cup bits. That's what I call good service. Anna loved it and didn't even know the difference.

Sunday was full of funny statements like "Daddy, my dancing didn't go so well" and "Don't you understand that there's a hair in my mouth!"

And cartwheels!



Showing her pictures was helpful because she could see that she needs to lock her knees. She managed to turn a few really good ones but had trouble landing. The concept finally clicked for Emily.

(Allie again)



Julia said...

Love those cartwheels!

How do you mean making dresses out of tank tops? You sew the skirts on them?

Lily said...

Cartwheels look awesome!
Have you checked out pinterest? It's pretty neat, and you'll probably find tons of sewing ideas. They have great photography tips, too.

Tracey's Life said...

Cute as always. I continue to vote for you every day - want to see you get back to #1. Can you put the reminder out again so we can push you up?

Anonymous said...

Sarah, I really really need help. I'm a media arts student (doing photography for my teacher working with digital SLR's and such) and the only camera I own is giving me a huge problem. The SD card had a broken "lock" piece on the side in which came off while on lock (just my luck), after I put it back in the camera to see if it was unlocked after trying the old tape method, it sadly was not. Well needless to say when I tried taking it back out the SD card seemed to be stuck, or jammed, in the slot. I've tried taking it out with tweezers, pushing it down sort of with force, and quickly releasing- none of it works. I have a Nikon D3000, so i really don't know if you'd be able to help considering the cameras you own- but has this ever happened to you before? I need this for several upcoming/due projects. And my teacher is normally far too busy with other students to help me. I literally can't find anything on this problem besides using tweezers and or needles, which I cannot successfully do obviously. I don't have the money to get this repaired by Nikon, nor the warranty. I bought it off of a guy on Ebay. Your daughters are absolutely amazing and full of life, by the way. I hope to have one of my own when I am older. Please respond. If you can't help, that's fine. Thank you. -Alexis.

Sarah said...

Julia - YES! I cut off the bottom and sew a skirt on. Like this one I did last summer

Lily - I do look at pinterest but I don't have enough time!

Alexis - I've never had a problem like this and I'm so not a card expert at all. The only thing that I can suggest (which is a temp solution) would be to upload the pictures onto a computer directly from the camera. Is the card in and working - just stuck? I wish I could help!

Crista said...

Your girls are BEAUTIFUL! I love reading your blog as we have much in common with multiple babies at once :D I have twin boys with a baby g on the way -- some call it Irish triplets?? ANYWAY, drop by with ANY advice for me, I'm always open to helpful hints from a mom in a similar sitch :)