Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Snow City

It snowed here in Massachusetts all day Saturday. The girls loved it, of course. I wouldn't have minded it so much if the plows and sanders had been out. For those of you who live in non-snowy areas, you may not realize that 6 inches of snow to us is nothing but a minor hassle. We continue on with our normal routine and activities. Driving usually isn't an issue at all because not only are we used to driving in the snow but the plows are out and about removing the snow and treating the roads with sand and salt.

I was extremely disappointed on Saturday because, for whatever reason, the roads were not plowed. This was a slow moving storm and there shouldn't be any budget constraints because we haven't had any snow but still the plows were nowhere to be seen. There was supposed to be a kids' show at the library that morning but that was cancelled. Rich brought the girls to the library anyway just because they enjoy going. They remind me of myself at their age with their love of trips to the "liberry."

Rich and the girls played outside in the snow that afternoon while I slid down the snowy roads and photographed my great nieces, teeny tiny twins.

So Rich made the mistake of telling the girls that we would bring them sledding on Sunday. As in 'sledding down a big hill' sledding. This presented a few problems, including not knowing of any sledding hills in the area and the fact that I (Nervous Nelly/Helicopter Parent/Overprotective Mom) would never bring them to a crowded place for fear that bigger kids would run right over them. Plus, Sunday had been deemed Errand Day so we told the girls that we would eat lunch out (hoping that they would forgot about sledding) and that's what we did.



I know. I know. Fast food. Whatever.


I sure enjoyed my sweet tea and french fries.



We then headed to Home Goods/TJ Maxx to look for a new rug for the family room. The rug that we had been using was super old and falling apart. We didn't want to spend an outrageous amount of money on a rug because I KNOW something colorful will end up on this rug at some point in time. That part of our mission was very successful. We have also been hunting for some other household items but those items were not to be found.

The girls and I cruised around the store just in case kids' snow pants were still available. They were not. I wanted to look at shoes for myself but that quickly turned into the girls picking out shoes for me.


Anna at first picked these lovely leopard print platform heels while Emily went with sensible flats.


I had the girls move out of the aisle for better lighting. Em and Anna decided to change shoes too. Emily now thought I would like platform leopard heels and Anna went with (knock-offs maybe?) black sparkly TOMS (or is it Toms?) Allie's eye had caught these shiny platform heels.



No less than 50 people stopped us to ask if the girls were triplets. I'm assuming the matching winter jackets caused the questioning and comments. Here's the deal with the jackets - I purchased those from Carter's on clearance years ago so I had no options for different colors. In addition, the same color and style means NO fighting over who gets to wear what. That's how we roll sometimes.

We then headed to Target and the grocery store. I swear that grocery stores keep remodeling in order to make aisles more and more narrow. By this point, I was thirsty and the headache that had started at 5:00 that morning was really starting to bother me. And then I felt like we were blocking aisles and people were staring at us.

The girls did not forget about sledding. Oh, no. Our house sits on a little bit of hill, which I thought was sledible, especially for four year olds and especially when we saw other, older kids on our street sledding on the little hills in their yards. Evening was approaching and I had mounds of laundry to tend to so Rich handled sled duty.


The pouty duck faces in these pictures crack me up.



With Rich pushing the sleds at the top of the yard, the girls picked up enough speed to thoroughly enjoy their sledding experience. Even though it wasn't on a big hill. Growing up, my brothers and I would spend winter days sledding in the yard next door. There wasn't a gigantic hill but we always had fun. I remember walking up and down that hill as an adult and realizing just how small it really was and how as a child, the world looks so different.


Wiley said...

They're adorable, but the white stuff on the ground confuses me. It rained last night and this was a MAJOR news story. Go Texas ;-)

Summer said...

We're also from Massachusetts, so we dragged the baby around our yard in a sled for a bit on Saturday. Even the teeny tiny hills on the lawn were making me nervous. Totally get the worry.

Maydelin said...

I love your girls!!! they are so funny

Cindy said...

Wonderful pictures. We had the snow in CT too and Saturday I let the girls play in the yard while it was still snowing. Fun times and great pics.
Suggestion for sledding - when I was a kid, we had a small, flat yard so we would pull all the snow together and make a "mountain" then use our sled to go down it. Mind you, it was at best a bump, but we liked it.

Heather Sullivan said...

Teeny tiny hill sledding is all we manage here in Georgia, when we manage to get snow. Last year, I was largely pregnant and we had some major killer snow that stuck. For a whole week. It was all my husband could do to resist pushing my down the neighbor's teeny tiny hill on a boogie board (we don't have sleds because, well, honestly, why would we?). That hill has NEVER looked SO huge. It's all about perspective.