Thursday, January 26, 2012

And then it was Thursday

Infirmary update:

Allie - Despite sharing living quarters with germy siblings, Allie has remained healthy. She has coughed a few times which causes me to hold my breath because I really don't her to have to deal with the whole asthma thing again.

Anna - Anna's fever held low-grade status for most of Tuesday and then shot back up. A second dose of Generic Baby Tylenol later that night finally broke it. She's been acting more like herself, although she did puke once this morning. She's clearly exhausted and has purple bags under her eyes.

Emily - Em's low-grade fever from Monday mostly went away and her cough hadn't worsened. She had been acting and eating just fine. Until this morning. She's feverish again and coughing (a lot) and utterly exhausted and grumpy.

I just spent the past three nights sharing a bed with Anna and I am OMG tired. She basically rolled around. cried out and writhed in agony all three nights. She was also making bizarre fever statements, which sort of freaked me out. Although, some of them were simply Anna being Anna.

Tuesday night, Rich and I checked her temperature and gave her another dose of Generic Baby Tylenol around 9:00. Because she was burning up, I had placed a cool, wet facecloth on her forehead. We were getting ready to leave her room when she told us, "I think we're done now."
During one of the middle of the night incidents, she kept pointing her index finger at me, like she was showing me something on it, while saying, "My nose is still on. My nose is still on." Later on I woke up to find her sitting up in the bed looking at me.

She was better last night at bed time, not feverish but clearly overtired. Sometimes I give the girls a survey when I tuck them in. They like to have choices and pick out things even if it is not real Last night's survey was which dress would you want: Minnie dots, Pooh and friends or Ariel? Anna's answer was, "I don't want any of these. Make me a dress but not with any of these. Talk about something else. What did you do at work today?"

Looks like my roomy tonight is Em.

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Wendy said...

Aww, poor Anna love. I hope the girls are feeling better soon. Lilly often says nonsensical things in her sleep. She's even walked into my bedroom and stood next to my bed stone cold asleep; that freaked me out. I hope you're able to get a little sleep this weekend.