Monday, December 12, 2011

Why? and how?

The girls have been asking a lot of tough questions lately. Like this one from Emily at 6:15 this morning: "Why are people alive?" My response was a grunt and a "that's a hard question." She followed up with, "Maybe it's because of God. And Jesus. That's why we go to church." Except that we don't go to church on a regular basis so I have no idea where that came from.

She has also asked where people come from and she's not asking about babies here but rather, the beginning of time. And HOW are people alive?

Speaking of babies, the girls' newest cousin was born on Friday. Grammy and the girls had spent most of the day at my brother and sister-in-law's house because Grammy was going to watch my niece when they went into the hospital. After work, Rich and I drove over there to pick up the girls. There were a few questions on the drive home about how babies are born.

Emily: "If the doctor wasn't going to cut the baby out, then how did the baby get out?"

Me: "Aunt Molly pushed her out."

Emily: "But where does the baby come out."

Me: "You push like you would if you were going poops." REDIRECT

Emily: "So the baby comes out of your bum bum?"

Me: "In that general area."

Allie: "Was the baby in the potty?"

Me: "No, sweetie. Babies aren't born in potties." (Hopefully.) "You wouldn't want to be in the potty, would you?"

Allie: "If I had been in a potty, I would have gone WWWWWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!"


Wendy said...

I am lmao about your where babies come out convo. M&L have asked similar questions and I have just been sticking with babies get cut out ::dying:: I'm so not ready to try to explain vaginal delivery to four year olds. "that general area..." hahaha

GAMZu said...

In our family I teach that there is a special opening that is just for babies and it closes right back up (it's 100% true- the cervix.)

Cindy said...

Wonderful morning laughter. I tell you, I've done both the vaginal delivery and c-section and both made me go WAAAAAAA born in a potty or not! These are tough conversations, but interesting ones to have. I love to hear what children think and how they explain life, birth, etc.

Wiley said...

I think it's birth, death and religion that seem to get the most interesting with preschoolers...