Sunday, December 11, 2011

Um, when is Christmas?

Five minutes ago, I finished sewing Emily's Christmas dress. I basically spent any spare moments this weekend sewing it so I didn't do any laundry, which meant that I had to scrounge up pajamas for Em and Allie tonight. (Anna had a clean pair.)

Maybe it's because Christmas is on a weekend, but I feel like I am losing a week here or something. The BIG Family Christmas Party for Rich's side of the family is next weekend, which means that I will have to try to find time during this week to sew a dress for Anna. While that is it a bit of a problem in and of itself, I am also dealing with a VERY indecisive child. One who tells me that she doesn't want a Christmas dress, she wants a Halloween dress. One who happily picks out Hello Kitty Christmas fabric from Sarah's Sewing Shop, conveniently located in our basement, and then four hours later says that she wants a skirt from Grammy's (non-Christmas) Hello Kitty fabric not a dress from the fabric she just picked out. Anna, I love you but your indecisiveness drives my BATTY.

So, yeah, it was a BUSY weekend. I had three kids awake at 5:50 this morning. Expect Christmas tree photos at some point this week. Along with pictures of Em's dress.

Fake mad face.


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emess said...

Anyway, wish you a merry Christmas....