Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I had an appointment this morning to have my teeth cleaned. Yes, having your teeth cleaned isn't really fun but I like the people who work there so at least that part is pleasant. It took me an hour and twenty minutes to drive to the dentist office after dropping Rich off at the train station. After my appointment, it took me another half hour to drive into the city for work. To give you some perspective on cost of living in the Boston area - it cost me $28 to park my car in a parking garage for the day in the financial district.

Our Volvo is seven years old and only has 65,000 miles on it.

The song Home by Daughtry reminds me of when the girls were newborns. It took an hour to feed one baby so I would prop myself up in bed and watch videos on VH1 in the middle of the night to stay awake. (Chris Daughtry was my pick for American Idol that season, by the way.)

After I published yesterday's post, I realized that I should have clarified that the filming is a movie called R.I.P.D starring Ryan Reynolds. They've been filming in my "work neighborhood" at night and on the weekends so I have watched them setting up in the late afternoon or when I leave work.

I was also so tired last night that I forgot to mention the girls' outfits for school yesterday. They each have an adorable panda dress from Gymboree. Allie and Emily both decided to wear their panda dresses to see what the teachers would do. Allie then asked Anna to wear hers too but Anna was in a grumpy mood and would have nothing to do with their shenanigans.

I'm sure these posts of random facts are annoying but my brain is not functioning properly. I will leave you with cute photos of Anna.




Wiley said...

Brain is functioning properly enough to recognize that the pictures of Anna are cute :-)

michele said...

The girls are cute. The dentist is sometimes my favorite place to go..love the cleanings and me time!

Angela said...

I like Daughtry's "Home." The vid is shot in my home area...since he's from NC. My husband and him used to be in the same circle. Sad to say once he got famous he stopped returning calls and changed his number. A couple years ago my youngest sister-in-law (then 10) saw him in the office at her school while dropping some papers off for a teacher. She said he was looking into enrolling his kids there. He didn't end up doing it, but she was super excited to see him...she even asked him why he never returned her big brother's phone calls. Hahaha...