Monday, November 7, 2011


I was able to get a bit more sleep last night. Although, I spent more than half of the night in bed with Anna. And then Emily found me around 4:30 so I had to sneak out of Anna's bed. I think constantly having disturbed sleep cycles is draining. I was doing okay at work until a meeting at 1:00 and then tired found me.

This morning was one of the days Rich was scheduled to drop the girls off at school. I was very happy to have had some extra time to secure ponytails and braid braids before they all drove me over to the train station.

Film crews were set up again today in my work neighborhood. Catering was actually right outside my window tonight. I have yet to witness anything real exciting although it has been interesting to see some of the behind the scenes stuff.

Commuting home in the dark this evening was not very pleasant. This time change has been blah.

I was reading the girls a "Why people are different" book at bedtime tonight. And by reading, I mean only a few sentences from each page because it is a long book meant for older kids. Allie asked me, "Do people make people? Like, how do people come alive?" I told her to ask Daddy.

This weekend she told me how she thinks that the characters at Disney are people dressed up. Redirect. Redirect.


Wendy said...

We are knee-deep in, "where did you get us from? How did Dr L get us out of your tummy? I don't want a baby cut out of my tummy!" It's madness... I hope you get some rest.

AllisonB said...

I thought I'd been keeping up with the blog but I must have missed what's going on in your neighborhood. Something exciting? :)

Just the Tip said...


So cute though, it's amazing what goes on in their heads.

KimB said...

I'm known for "Go ask daddy." When he hears he says, "Go ask mommy."

Cindy said...

My husband sends all the difficult questions from my girls to me. No fair.

Time change is killing us. That and nightmares. I thought we were clear with the girls coming into our room at night b/c we never did it. We always walked them back. But the last 2 mornings I had 3 girls in our queen sized bed. Ouch! I don't know how you sleep in the little twin beds comfortably - kids move too much :)

Sarah said...

Wendy - Allie has been in tears b/c she doesn't want her tummy cut either!

Cindy - the girls have full size beds now. We went from their cribs with the sides off to full size. I knew that I was going to end up sleeping in those beds so we went with the bigger size!

Angela said...

My parents had "the talk" with me when I was 3. I wouldn't stop asking questions!