Thursday, November 10, 2011

Emily and Target

Sunday morning, Rich brought Allie and Anna to a mass at his high school (he graduated from a Catholic high school) while Emily and I spent some time together. Although the girls are genetically identical, their personalities are not. When separated from her sisters, Emily can be very quiet and giggly.


Not often is there only one child in our home but when this does occur, the difference in the level of noise is quite evident. Normally, our home is filled with sounds of laughter, parades with princess shoes, screaming, crying and dramatic play. With one child, there is a lot of quiet.


It was a chilly 34 degrees that morning. Frost still clung to the grass hiding in the shade and covered the windows of the car. Rich and I have never attempted to fit all three car seats in the back seat of our Volvo. It doesn't look like they would fit and we have never had a need to do so. The girls tell us that they like riding in the Volvo as part of one on one time. It's interesting how a simple change of scenery is fun for a four year old.


Squinty smile.


Shopping with Em is easy. She doesn't run around or demand that I purchase certain items or complain that it is taking too long. She did request to browse the toy aisles so that she could show me what she wants for Christmas and I was okay with that. We were both really tired from being up so early from the time change.


As we were leaving the store, Emily (in a soft voice) told me that she had to tell me something. Okay, what is it? No, she couldn't tell me until we were driving home. After I placed her in the car and began loading bags into the back, she stated that she would tell me once we "hit the road." As soon as I started driving, she said, "I saw a little boy from my class in the store." She then told me that she was shy which is why she wanted to wait until we were driving before she said anything to me. Too funny.


MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

How very sweet about her seeing a boy from her class...that just makes me smile.

And I love the pictures of your feet next to your girls'. :)

Angela said...

I love reading about your one-on-one time spent with your girls! It's SO endearing! :-)


Rich said...

This post, in my opinion, describes Emily's personality perfectly!

Rich (hubby to Sarah)

Vim said...

Your one-on-one time with the girls is so sweet. I hope Anna's next. :)

Alice said...

oh is she cute or what.....

HG Laboratories LLC said...

As a grandma with 10 wonderful g-kids I found your blog so sweet and I enjoyed getting to know you and your family.

Karla said...