Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Through the eyes of a four year old

This weekend was rough. I was simply exhausted, there was so much to do and the girls were all go, go, go. Throw in a few epic meltdowns from Anna and I was mentally drained. I brought Anna with me to Target Sunday afternoon for some one on one time. I'm not sure if it helped as there was no immediate change in behavior. Every bit has to help. Right?

Shortly after we arrived home from Target, the girls enjoyed a snack on the front steps. I was sitting on the step in front of Anna, staring off into space and feeling a bit defeated. All of a sudden, I felt a little hand rubbing my back. I turned around to find Anna smiling at me. It was like she could read my mind.


The other night, the girls were looking at some of their newborn pictures, including a few of Anna in the NICU. Emily pointed to one of Anna sleeping shortly after her first surgery and said, "Aw, she looks like she wants to go home to her mommy." I was floored.


Recently, the girls have become interested in wheelchairs. There is a little boy in Emily's class, who has spina bifida and uses a wheelchair. They have been asking us questions about wheelchairs and who uses them and why they have to use them. I guess they even had a wheelchair center at school.

I think it is normal for them to express curiosity and as a parent, I want to send them the right message without making a big deal out of it because we don't make a big deal if someone is in a wheelchair. We treat everyone the same. I have told them that wheelchairs aren't fun or a toy but I understand that a four year might not entirely grasp that.


The other night Allie asked, "Is it not nice to say mean things to someone?"

"Correct. That is not nice."


Wendy said...

Sometimes, they just know when mommy needs some love back.

Alice said...

So nice...

Tracey's Life said...

Sweet children as always. I will tell you that most people in wheelchairs don't mind the questions especially from children. What bothers them the most is being treated like they are invisible because they are in a wheelchair. Children are more apt to ask a question than an adult.

I am raising two children because their Mom is in a Nursing Home with MS. We are at the Nursing Home every weekend, and this has been our experience along with most of the other residents. Let your children ask the questions - the individual won't mind - trust me!

You continue to amaze me

I've got the lemons said...

*btw* I changed my blog link, I promise I don't do this every few months, I had the same one for 3 years but, it was just time for a change.

Anyway, I think you handled all of the above situations, correctly. I know I've been slightly uncomfortable lately because P is taking more notice of the kids in chairs at her dr appointments/therapies. She is at no age to understand anything I say really but I'm just like, "it's not nice to stare." She has a staring habit sometimes!

LaurenLC said...

You have sweet girls. You should be incredibly proud of them!