Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Strawberry Chickie Boutique

Ah, yes. The new name for our (fake) online boutique. We are here to debut our Boo to You Collection for Halloween 2011.

First up are the puff skirts. So cute and versatile.



Here's Anna wearing hers to search the pumpkin patch for the perfect baby pumpkin.


Next up is a long, swing dress.


Apparently, the only way I'm allowed to photograph the dress is if Baby Zebe is hugging Anna and there's a ton of crap included in the photo.


What I find hysterical is that I haven't been able to take what I consider decent photos of my kids modeling these clothes. I do have one child who loves to model. Allie.


And I am still working on her crazy twirl skirt. There's a lot of cutting involved which means that I have quite a bit of sewing to do.

(I feel like I can't write tonight.)

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Kate said...

Should the Strawberry Chickie Boutique ever go live, I'd love a skirt for my 1 year old!! Too cute :-)

Mary said...

i second the desire for a skirt for my 2 year old. They are adorable. Do you use a pattern? Just found your blog recently - LOVE IT! Your girls are so adorable.

Meaghan at Acadam said...

Wow I love them! Your girls are adorable and very lucky to have a mom with such creativity and skill! My daughter will have no such luck, so I hope that store goes live!

Krystle said...

I'm so jealous of your sewing skills!!!
We have a sewing machine, but I get a mental block at even trying to figure out how to use it. Not to mention I always have the girls, who never nap together!

Dale said...

Check out this skirt pattern:


I have been making these for the grandgirls and they love them. They hang better and TWIRL and are a snap to make.

Complicated said...

Very, very cute. I hope you took pics along the way to do a tutorial. I would love to be able to make these kinds of clothes for my little girl.

~Jess said...

Those are adorable! The girls too!

satz said...

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