Thursday, October 13, 2011

Patch de los pumpkins

My Spanish is a bit rusty.


I don't even know why I'm trying to write in Spanish anyway. Well, seeing as it is Thursday, I should probably get around to discussing the exciting events of last weekend before a new weekend is upon me. Have you ever been able to tell how a day is going to be based upon the night before? At approximately 11:30 last Friday night, Allie came barreling down the hall crying. She stopped in our doorway and continued to cry. Rich pulled her up into the bed with us and she cried and cried.

I have this amazing ability to create random stories (some of them with a message, like The Little Boy Who Jumped On The Couch) and so I told her the story of The Little Green Spider. Thankfully, she listened to it and calmed down enough to stop crying. A few hours later, Emily woke up and a game of Musical Beds began.

There was a memorial mass for Rich's niece at 7:30 Saturday morning. Because there was no way we would all be dressed and at church on time, Rich flew solo but returned to pick us up to go to his sister's house for coffee and donuts. They girls were wired. So much so that I repeated, "This is going to be a long day," in a monotonous voice to everyone who laughed at their antics.

Rich and I decided to skip apple picking this year. The girls are still so young and while they have fun, the actual act of apple picking lasts all of ten minutes. They haven't even asked to go. We decided to do the whole pumpkin patch thing instead and because we were up at the crack of dawn on Saturday, we decided to head over that morning (after coffee and donuts with Rich's family) in hopes of beating the crowds.

Our plan worked. Not only was the weather beautiful but there was hardly anyone there. A HUGE difference from our pumpkin/apple picking experiences of the past two years.


As with apple picking, the whole pumpkin searching/picking experience lasted for all of fifteen minutes but that's okay because the girls had fun.



After fifteen minutes, we heard, "I'm so tired of walking. Can you carry me and my pumpkin?" (If that had been from Anna, I would have understood.)

Allie decided to practice her dance moves while we waited for the hayride back to the farm.



The girls then climbed on hay, played on the playground, visited some animals and ate some pumpkin bread.



When the time arrived to leave, they didn't want to go. The sign of a successful outing. So I promised them that we would do some fun stuff at home. They wanted to craft.


I made Emily (and then Anna) a city block out of cardboard. She decorated it and then used it when playing with her dolls.

I think that's Target.


There was also painting.




And then a whole bunch of running around and playing. The girls showed us some dance steps after dinner and I managed to run out the door with camera to take these before they scattered.


Boogie. Woogie.



Amber said...

So exciting. We are heading to the pumpkin patch this weekend. I know my son will just run around like a mad man, but it will be nice to get out and do something different.

I love craft time. Our favorite toys are boxes and flip top lids.

The girls look like they had a wonderful weekend.

Jennifer said...

I'm happy to hear you had a successful and fun pumpkin patch experience this year!

We're headed to the orchard this weekend for more of the same. We have apple picking in mind, but I'm not too sure my boys will last too long either. We'll see how the day goes.

Enjoy your weekend!!

Alice said...

On grey's anatomy thursday night, there was a little girl with a shunt....reminded me of your little girl.