Monday, October 17, 2011

Sugar bugs

The girls had their semi annual teeth cleaning and dentist check-up this past weekend.


Who says a momma can't bring her big camera and big flash to the dentist office?

The girls, particularly Emily, were fairly excited for this appointment. I'm not sure why other than it is something different. Emily likes to tell us what she did at school in excruciating detail and I think she was planning on doing the same to Grammy with this appointment. Poor thing was so nervous, she hasn't mentioned it at all now that it is over.

I had to take pictures to preserve the cuteness.


(I think the photos have some funky fluorescent lighting going on. I've gotten over it.)

Allie was so brave. For most of her cleaning, she was in the room alone and completely fine with it.



Anna, on the other hand, was nervous so I stayed with her. Anna, tell us how you really feel about fluoride?



And here's Em. She was definitely nervous.


(Me messing around without the flash while waiting.)



Before the appointment, Allie kept asking me if there was going to be a boy dentist. She was freaking out a bit over the thought of a boy dentist and to stop her constant questioning, I told her no. While keeping my fingers crossed. Well, the hygienists were all female. The dentist was not.

I love listening to the girls' conversations. On the way home, Allie told us that she liked the boy dentist. "He was nice. He has kids. Emily, did you like the boy doctor?"

Emily: "No."

That was actually a very easy appointment for us as parents. There was no crying, fussing, screaming or fighting and everyone's teeth looked great. No cavities!!

(Copying my photos is a violation of copyright laws, which is a federal offense. You do not have my permission to copy my photos or my writings.)


Alice said...

I love the black and white pic! Anna's fluoride pic is so funny and a definite keeper! Do they have identical teeth and bites?

From The Heart Up said...

very cute photos. it's given me a good idea for a social story book for kids that hate the dentist. hmm.. time to brainstorm.

Hannah said...

hey i just wanted to mention to you about the watermark thing on pictures. kelly from also had the same problem of people stealing her pictures, and found a pretty cool way to watermark them. you can head over to her blog and search how she did it, but just wanted to give you another idea! can't imagine how frustrating it is!

Miss Rachel said...

Hi Sarah - small request: would you mind putting the top baby blogs voting bar at the bottom of each (most?) of your posts? I love to vote for you every day but forget when I don't see the button. The number 3 blog is gaining on you and I don't want to see you lose the slot! Thanks1

Sarah said...

Alice - Thanks! They do have identical teeth and bites. What's not identical is the spacing - Anna's teeth are much more crowded.

Thanks, Hannah.

Miss Rachel - will do! & thanks for voting.

Just the Tip said...

We went to the dentist today as well! All of the office staff are female, I don't *think* Peyton dislikes males in the medical professional more than women, but she does see more men. hmmmm.
She did fairly OK. I can't imagine doing 3 at once!
You are a saint.