Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Just random thoughts

I want to work on Allie's Halloween skirt tonight seeing as it is almost Halloween. She'll most likely wear it after Halloween and it will fit her next year so in the grand scheme of life, it's not a big deal. I really just want to finish it for her so this will be my mind dump post for the day. Okay, I am admit that sometimes taking the train, which I abhor, has its advantages. Like blogging.

The girls had their school pictures yesterday. Anna wins the award for most creative outfit. She was wearing this adorable bright pink dress from Gymboree that has a little pug dog on the bottom of it. The dog's leash is coming out of a pocket on the dress. The sleeves of the dress are white with different color polka dots. I bought Anna the matching tights but, oh no, the matching tights wouldn't do so she wore orange and white striped tights. And pink cowgirl boots.

I would have loved to have taken a photo BUT I WAS WORKING.

Rich has been dropping the girls off at school on Monday mornings and then taking a later train to work. This means that he has to do their hair for school. Rich has mastered the pony tail but the girls' hair is so fine and now Em and Allie's hair is so long and heavy, you really have to secure the elastics and barrettes just right or it falls apart. Both Em and Allie told Grammy that their teachers had to fix their hair before the photo shoot.

Good thing we went for the smaller, inexpensive photo packages.

I know. The pictures will be just adorable regardless.

I think the girls may find themselves as members of the school's drama club when they are old enough to attend a school with a drama club. (And by drama, I mean acting not "drama.") They love reenacting movies. I watched and listened to them act out both Tangled and Beauty and the Beast this weekend. Some parts of it were just pure creativity (which amazes me) and other parts consisted of really good acting for four year olds.

In one scene of Tangled, Em was Mother Gothel and Allie was Rapunzel. They acted out Rapunzel asking to see the floating lights for her birthday and then sending MG out to search for the rare paints instead. Em was hysterical. "Now, Rapunzel, that is such a long walk." Anna played a good Gaston in B and the B by changing her voice and throwing Belle's book into a mud puddle. Ah, these kids make me laugh.

Christmas started super early in our house this year. I actually blame it on our visit to Santa's Village and not me saying, "We can't buy any toys because then Santa won't have anything to bring you." We've been hearing their wish lists for weeks and weeks. Rich recently asked if there was anything that I wanted. So here's my list:
  1. Sleep

  2. A vacation - preferably to a tropical location

  3. A new lens! Nikon 105mm f/2.8

  4. A serger

  5. The time and patience to learn how to use the serger

  6. An embroidery sewing machine

  7. And, of course, the time and patience to learn how to use it

  8. Socks

  9. The time each week to paint my nails

Seems like a reasonable list to me!

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bearie1 said...

If you are going to get a serger, spend the extra $$ and get one of the Babylock's with the air threading. Makes life with a serger so much easier. Elaine

Sarah said...

Thanks for the tip, Elaine. I had been thinking of going with a cheap one.

kdehart5151 said...

I agree with the nail panting want!!

Rich said...

Now I just need to find out what the heck a "serger" is. Ha!

Anonymous said...

I love my serger. It's an oldie but works great... a Bernette Funlock 006D. Super easy to use.

pyjammy pam said...

the boys are constantly acting out Thomas videos. it's pretty cute. :)

can't wait to see the school pics, that dress sounds adorable.

Heather said...

I love how your girls are attached to their cowgirl boots. :) They DO go with everything!

And time to paint your nails, that would be a fabulous luxury.

Amanda M. said...

My mom has an embroidery machine ~ and I LOVE the little things she makes and sends to me! It's very therapeutic for her - she loves it!

Sarah said...

You're Christmas list is very much like mine. I hope Rich gets it right.

bearie1 said...

Sarah, do not get a cheap serger. You will hate it. The loopers are a pain to thread, the babylock has air threading. Just stick the thread in a hole, push a button, and they are threaded. You will pay more, buy you will be much happier and actually use it.