Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Our new bedroom furniture was delivered over the weekend and I guess I had some unrealistic expectations. When you place new furniture in a room with all of the other stuff that was already in the room, it's just a room with new furniture and old stuff. Am I making any sense? I want my bedroom to be a relaxing, cozy, organized room.

It needs some work.

As I've mentioned before, because we moved into our house when the girls were only six months old, decorating has been a four year process. So after all of the furniture was moved in, I realized that the curtains, which we bought cheap for this very reason, don't work. And I really detest the ceiling fan that is in there. And the walls need something.

It's all going to take some time.

I did have to clean out my bureaus, which was a very good thing. I went from two medium/small bureaus to one medium/large bureau. Here's what was packed up and given to a charity. There's a full shopping bag in the back of that pile.


I also threw away a big pile of worn out socks, underwear, etc. Gone.

And I finally said good-bye to my bikinis. {sob}

So in the midst of trying to clean out, organize and decorate our bedroom, I also started on the girls' rooms. Mainly the closets. I've been cleaning out Allie's closet while separating all of the items amongst the three of them. I'm learning that it gets worse before it gets better. I wanted to take a one room at a time approach but it looks like I am taking one floor at a time.

You should see our front hall closet.

So what was really funny about our first night with the king bed, which is HUGE by the way, is that I only slept in it for two hours.

While Rich and I were moving our old furniture and organizing, we had the girls play upstairs so that we could keep an eye on them. Emily made a sign and placed this outside her bedroom door. It says, "Emily's circus is closed."


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Just the Tip said...

can't wait to see the new furniture!

Kelli said...

Can't wait to see the furniture as well. I totally know what you mean. You get something new and then all your old stuff looks.....well...REALLY OLD! You should totally look into thred up if you are getting rid of stuff!